December 26, 2003

Christmas Aftermath

I seem to be posting a lot at 2 in the morning lately. My circadian rhythms are going to be really screwed up when I go back to school and have to get up for 8:30 AM Spanish classes four days a week.

Fortunately, that's still a couple weeks away. Right now, I want to update briefly, as I often do. First of all, this was a good Christmas for me, and I hope it was as good for the rest of you. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary happened (other than my dad deciding to play a song parody called "Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire" in lieu of classic Christmas songs; I think teaching middle school has warped his mind).

Thanks to the magic of presents, I now own "Tales From the Left Coast" by James Hirsen. Since I'm an aspiring writer/director, I feel that I need to research the kind of people I'm going to have to deal with on a daily basis in a few years. This should be a good read.

I also have "Life On Display," the new CD from Puddle of Mudd. Maybe I'll review that along with Default's "Elocation." Both are pretty good, although I can already tell you that Default is going to get the more positive review.

But enough about my preference for neo-grunge. I want to keep writing about other things just because I can. I'm facing a rather interesting dilemma right now. After all the relatives left and things wound down, I went back to the blogosphere to surf around, and I ended up making what I would call a "blogger's blunder." What was this, you ask?

For some reason, I decided to read works by Steven Den Beste and Bill Whittle within the span of an hour. Thanks to this, I now have tons of things I want to write about, but at the same time, I know that I will never be able to articulate my thoughts as well as they can. DO YOU KNOW HOW IRRITATING THAT IS?

I really want to write about a lot. I've had some time to think lately now that schoolwork is over, and a lot of things have been occurring to me about politics and society that I never even thought about before (it's so much fun being 18 and trying to understand these things on a sophisticated level).

I mentioned in my audio update on CrapSpot that I want to write an essay about the marginalization of religion in society, but thanks to my choice of reading tonight, I now have tons of other things to think about, and I have no idea how to translate all of these thoughts into writing.

Again, since I'm basically planning on making a career out of writing, I think I should probably attempt to do something with all these ideas, but it's just too much to deal with at once. I don't think my mind has ever tried to wrap itself around this many topics at the same time. Also, since I have ADD, it's hard to concentrate on one thought, let alone dozens of individual ones that each apply to completely different topics.

What this basically means is that I need to take some time to try and figure out how I'm going to handle all these...I guess you could call them "insights" that I've been having. I'm trying to wait until my old posts are moved over here to start MuNublogging full time, but since Pixy seems to be having server trouble, I don't know how long that's going to be.

Since I have a link on Right Wing News to the BlogSpot page, I don't want to move the entire operation just yet. RWN was my inspiration for starting a blog in the first place, and I want to take full advantage of finally having a link there, even if it's just until Monday.

At that time, I plan to send John Hawkins an e-mail so I can find out how the fudge he knows about my site and basically suck up to him in the hopes that he'll give me a permalink. Seriously, I've wanted a link on RWN since the day I started blogging, and I'm still shocked about this. We'll see how it goes next week, I guess.

Well, once again, I've gotten off topic, but I never really had a topic to begin with, big deal. I think I'm about done though. I really want to start regular posting again, but this move has been priority one, and I don't know how long it'll be before I can start permanently using the new site, but the fact that I'm here now should count for something.

Before I go, if anyone's still reading at this point, I realize the majority of my blogging for the last week has been very self-centered and not incredibly interesting, but I do hope to change that. Like I said, I've got a lot of ideas. I just need to figure out how to express them properly.

Finally, I was bored before my aforementioned "blogger's blunder" and started messing around with my computer's minimal paint software, and I managed to create a really funny (in my opinion) picture of Kobe Bryant based on a Fark contest theme from a few days ago.

I really want to post it, but it uses certain illegal substances (which I don't advocate, by the way), and I'm not sure if it would be tasteful to post it. I changed the word "Lakers" on his jersey to "Bakers," and it just took off from there. I ended up adding a Phish hat and a bag of Funyuns, but there's also some more...illicit stuff. I probably won't show you that, but you can picture it for yourself. It still makes me laugh.

Sorry if that disturbed you, but that's what you get for clicking the extended entry. Heh.

...Thanks for stopping by.

Posted by CD on December 26, 2003 02:44 AM
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