December 30, 2003

"Bisecksual Cheec"

NOTE FROM CD: I have purposely changed the spelling of that phrase because I was getting too many hits from Google. I want honest hits, not random searches.

What the frick is wrong with people? I was going through some of the articles on Fark, and I happened to come across an article entitled S. Florida teen girls discovering ['bisecksual cheec'] trend.

Now, before I rant about this, let me once again remind you, simply as a disclaimer, that I am a conservative Christian and probably don't have the same views as many of you about things like this. I am not "homophobic." I just happen to think that homosexuality is immoral. Everybody understand? Good.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get back to the article and go through the usual routine of analyzing some choice quotes. For example, this one:

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" A group of teenagers is gathered at a party. Music's playing; smuggled booze is flowing. Two girls grin sheepishly at each other as a crowd goads them on. Finally, the teens relent, rewarding their audience with some mouth-on-mouth action. It's not an unusual scene, according to South Florida high school students, who say the newest trend for teen girls isn't wearing the latest designer jeans or driving a cool car, but declaring themselves to be [bisecksual.]
Yes, folks, this is what it's coming to. "Experimenting" with same-sex eroticism is now a fad. Let me repeat that...IT'S A FRIGGIN' FAD!!!!

You may not understand why this article upsets me so much. Allow me to cite some clarifying examples:

"Some do it for attention. Some do it because guys like it. And some do it just because they can. It's definitely a fad," says Stranahan High student Christy Shalley, president of the Fort Lauderdale school's Gay Straight Alliance.
Here's where you should start asking questions. Why is the "Gay Straight Alliance" so concerned about this if it's nothing more than something people do for fun?

Wait just a minute...could it be that that's EXACTLY why they're concerned with it? After all, anything that makes people accept sexualized behavior associated with gays must be a good thing, right? Teen girls making out with each other at parties are going to help cast off the chains of oppression that the Evil Straight Patriarchy™ has imposed for years!

Let's read more about how this "trendy" behavior came to be:

Note to parents: If this seems particularly shocking, try turning on a TV to see why most kids aren't as fazed. There's the infamous kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna at the recent MTV Music Video Awards. There's the popular singing duet Tatu, two Russian teenage girls who, depending on whom you believe, are really in love with each other or just part of a brilliant marketing scheme that simultaneously appeals to gays, misunderstood adolescents and the Lolita lust of straight men.
Hmmm....didn't I just blog about this a couple weeks ago? I'd link to it if my archives were here, but you'll have to take my word for it.

There is a trend in the media to make any kind of behavior acceptable. It's obvious when you really look at it. And from the reactions of the people they talked to, it seems like more than just coincidence or some kind of reverse laissez-faire thing. This is an active effort to normalize deviant behavior. Want more proof? Read on:

Despite this constant stream of images, students say moms and dads generally are clueless that it's really happening. "Nobody's parents know," says David Sternberg, a senior at Spanish River High in Boca Raton. "And if they think they know, they really don't know."
Of course. God forbid we let The Grownups™ know about it. They might want to join in and relive the free-love generation.
He adds that some girls may truly be questioning their sexuality, but others just want to be perceived as hot. "Girls go for the whole mystery thing. And guys usually think it's attractive. It's a turn-on. It's more of a teasing thing. At parties, girls randomly kiss, and guys are like, `Oh! That's awesome!'" he says.
Contradictions...hurting...brain! So, the way to get guys to like you is to make it look like you're attracted to girls? That makes so much sense! I know I'm always looking for the hot lesbian chicks!

Let me briefly go back to the normalization point, too. Notice how something that was once a taboo is now portrayed as a turn-on, as well as something to make you more popular. It's no longer just "okay to be gay," but better!

Sharon Friedlander, head of guidance for Broward public schools, says adults in the school system are well aware of students' growing flirtation with [bisecksuality.] But she doesn't necessarily see it as an entirely new phenomenon. "The questioning process is part of growing up," she says.
"The questioning process?" Make up your minds! If it's part of growing up, why is this just starting to become commonplace? Were people in past generations afraid to go public because the Evil Straight Patriarchy™ might ostracize them?

By the way, there's a difference between "questioning" and "experimenting." If you're engaging in bisecksual behavior, you've made up your mind already.

In the past, young people may have waited until college to explore their sexuality. Today, it's common for that process to start at a younger age, Friedlander and other educators say.
We knew that. That's why underage girls can get abortions without telling their parents. We must protect The Children™, but not the Children's children!
"It's really just straight children acting out that natural pubescent rebellion, of stepping out of the boundaries the previous generation set up," says Clarence Brooks, a teacher at Bak Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach.
...a member of the previous generation who doesn't seem to be imposing any boundaries whatsoever. Hooray for consistency.

Now, we come to the media bias section of our program, where we show you, the loyal reader, how the media are actively participating in the normalization process. Let's look at the TWO dissenting opinions given in the article:

"It's wrong. God made us male and female for a reason," says Jenny Saint Jean, 15, a freshman at Fort Lauderdale High.

Karla Núñez, 16, agrees: "I don't go to those kind of parties.

Did anyone not see that coming? The first girl who disagrees is religious, so of course her opinion will be considered equally valid. And the second girl doesn't go to parties, which means she's no fun and her opinion doesn't matter either! Kiss on, bisecksuals! Kiss on!
Stephanie Forman, a sophomore at Cypress Bay High in Weston, says the trend is sort of "disgusting," but she's used to seeing it. "Guys are like, `Kiss, kiss, kiss!'" she said, adding that some behavior carries over onto campus. "Parents shouldn't freak out. It's just for fun."
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought parents are supposed to instill MORALS in their children, not make sure they're having lots of fun. And by the way, there's that word again!

"Join the bi/homosexuals and have more fun! It's not called 'gay' for nothing!"

From one perspective, Sternberg sees the trend as a sign of greater tolerance toward gay people. He came out with an article in his school newspaper this year and says most people have been accepting. On the other hand, he says, the girl-girl trend, and the relative casual reaction to it, also shows how males aren't allowed the flexible sexuality females are.
And there you have it. Here's proof that the homosexual community is treating this as some sort of battlefield. First, it's just experimentation to get attention and have fun, and now it's turned into a sign of greater tolerance. Let me repeat that oft forgotten mantra...


"More accepting" does not equal "more tolerant." In fact, there's actually less tolerance, because there's nothing to tolerate if you accept someone's behavior.

Now, they go into some odd discussion of how this helps all kinds of people. See if you can figure it out:

"It's all fine and good for women, but if a guy is experimenting with a guy, he'll feel the consequences," Sternberg says. "Someone could really hurt you or make a point of humiliating you." The double standard is part of the reason Gilliam doesn't think the fad will do much for gay rights in the long run.
They're not trying to help gay rights. They said it themselves. However, since this increases so-called "tolerance," everyone's being encouraged to jump on the bandwagon. Also notice how they manage to turn this into an instance of gay men being oppressed because they don't have the same freedoms.
"It's a bisexuality that's focused on heterosexuality in that it's still focused on pleasing a man, a heterosexual audience, and in that sense it's not progressive," she says. "Sexism plays into it. Girls in our culture aren't supposed to have a sexuality on their own terms."
Ahem...I believe people like Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera make their own choices, not the heterosexual elite. Thank you.

The last part isn't quite as easy to respond to, but here's a sample:

The very idea of "real" vs. "fake" [bisecksuality] is controversial. Some people don't believe bisexuality exists -- believing that those who say they are [bisecksual] are either experimenting straight people, or homosexuals who aren't fully ready to admit their orientation.
Or maybe they're just so "tolerant" that they can have equal amounts of "fun" with either gender, since there's absolutely nothing wrong with it anymore.
"It's important to take [bisecksuality] as a serious identity. It's a myth that [bisecksuality] is a phase," counters California-based Denise Penn, president of BiNet USA, one of the oldest advocacy and network groups in the nation for [bisecksuals.] "Maybe these girls aren't faking it. Maybe `[bisecksual cheec'] gives them a way of exploring their [bisecksuality] without committing to it. They can say, `Oh, we're just playing.'"
From the looks of things, that's all anyone is ever doing. There's no such thing as a serious relationship. Everyone's just "playing" or "experimenting." They never have to commit to any one person or gender, because then they wouldn't have as much fun, and they wouldn't be able to explore their sexual diversity.
Penn says, it doesn't really matter who's faking and who's not. She thinks the entire issue conveys a larger message. "People like to categorize us, label us, so they can frame their thinking about us. But sexuality is so complex," she says. "Everyone is different."
That says a lot. This is an active effort to remove all labels of sexuality. After all, life is just a competition to see who can get laid more often. Commitment and restraint are archaic concepts that were used in the past to keep women and homosexuals in their place.

This is serious. I've read "Brave New World." I know where this is headed. Eventually, the people who dare to be involved in serious relationships will be looked upon as outcasts who don't want to have fun. Any sign of preference toward one person will be called intolerance, and the offender will lose most of their friends in the process.

Don't believe me? Look around. It's already starting.

Posted by CD on December 30, 2003 06:35 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

CD--This kind of thing doesn't sound like anything new. Similar behavior often happens at colleges (granted, the people are under the influence of alcohol). I think that most of the people who do it are "fake" and just do it for the "tease" factor of it all.

Posted by: jaws at December 30, 2003 10:55 PM

Yeah, it's not necessarily a totally original phenomenon or anything. I just think it's disturbing that the people doing it are getting younger and younger, and most people aren't even giving it a second thought. This seems like one of those "cooking the frog" situations.

Just my opinion...

Posted by: CD at December 30, 2003 11:00 PM

This sort of thing has been going on since the '90s at the very least. That's the 1890s, mind you.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at December 31, 2003 02:20 AM

Okay, I want to clarify something. It's not so much the fact that this is taking place. It just seems odd that it's gone from a phase or something to a sign of increased tolerance. Also, if this so-called "experimenting" is no big deal anymore, then where are we going to draw the line in another few years? That's what I'm saying.

Posted by: CD at December 31, 2003 03:06 AM

The line moves. Back and forth. The line gets drawn wherever a majority of people are comfortable with it at a given time.

My point is, if you think that we're entering a new and unprecedented era of exhibitionism, you really need to study your history. It's not new. It's just people being people.

So, the way to get guys to like you is to make it look like you're attracted to girls?

Yep. It's not universal, but a lot of guys find it a turn on.

Speak to Helen.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at December 31, 2003 05:48 AM

Yeah, it's been around awhile...
Ancient Greek kids gave their tutors blow jobs before they went to battle for Alexander.

The funny thing is that that comment is totally true and has soooo many things behind it that I'm going to STFU.

Posted by: dogtulosba at December 31, 2003 03:08 PM

Okay, so I may have overreacted a bit. I just think people are reacting strangely to something that's supposedly been around for so long. The way that article was written, you'd think it had never gone on in public before.

Posted by: CD at December 31, 2003 03:45 PM

For some of us, the "fad" lasts our entire lives. When I came out in 1992, I wasn't aware that I was being trendy--heterosexuality was still overwhelmingly popular in my school, so much so that kids sometimes got beat up if they were perceived to be anything else. But I was accused of being "trendy" then. 14 years later, I'm still hearing that it's a "trend" or "chic" or "a fad". How many fads last 14 years?!

Posted by: Jayelle at January 17, 2004 03:38 PM

If this sort of thing has got the rube who wrote it upset, it can't be bad.

Posted by: Hercules at February 3, 2004 04:40 AM

I'm not sure if that was supposed to be an insult, but it's funny because you used the word "rube."

Twenty-three skidoo! Get on the trolley!

Posted by: CD at February 3, 2004 01:33 PM
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