November 20, 2003


Okay, I don't have anything particularly political to blog about right now, but I have to write about the top story in today's Daily Orange. There is an editorial talking about the filibusters and explaining why the Democrats did the right thing against extremist judges who want to take away our freedoms and blah blah blah...and there's also an article about gay Catholics (nice oxymoron), but those pale in comparison to the front page story. Why, you ask?

"The Hey Song" has been banned at Syracuse football games. That's big news. The song is one of the most important parts of the game to fans. They all wave their arms back and forth in unison and sing along. Sounds great, right? What could be the problem with that?

Well, apparently, they don't like the way students sing it. Since I'm a bass drummer, I just help provide the rhythm for the song, so I don't personally participate in this, but the fans and many band members have a chant they do during certain parts of the song. For example, in the chorus, after they say "HEY!" they add the phrase "YOU SUCK!" However, that's not even the part that the administration is worried about.

You see, after the chorus, there's a section of nothing but drums, and the fans do the main chant during that time. It was originally supposed to go, "Rough 'em up! Bust 'em up! Go SU! You won't deny the orange and blue!" However, the preferred chant, and the one that has resulted in a ban of the song, is "F**k 'em up! F**k 'em up! Go SU! We're gonna kick the sh*t outta you!"

I guess I understand why they have a problem with that, but I really think there's going to be some sort of student response. My roommate, who always sits in the orange-shirted student section, was furious when he saw the headline, and I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same way. Personally, I don't care whether they change it, although it is fun to watch all the team spirit in between the vulgar parts. I just think the students are going to react to this in a very negative way. You have to have seen this to fully appreciate the tradition, of course, but you can still probably imagine what a difference it's going to make.

Okay, that's it for now. I'll come back to that editorial later and point out the idiotic parts. Also, I'll remind you again to read "The True Fan" down below if you haven't yet. I hate to plug my own work like this, but I really think it's one of my better posts. So, in the words of Principal Skinner, "Prove me wrong, children. Prove me wrong!"

Posted by CD on November 20, 2003 12:32 PM
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