October 16, 2003

The Result

Well, class was indeed quite interesting. However, the professor still hasn't necessarily refuted my arguments. He just argued, using Judith Jarvis Thomson's piece, that you aren't necessarily responsible for taking every precaution against something. I still don't think that proves anything based on my design argument, but he left it up to the class to decide who is right, so obviously I made a decent case. In fact, he started off the class by looking at me and saying, "your sh*t is tight!" (college professors seem to enjoy profanity) So basically, he thinks I have a good argument even though he disagrees, but neither point can be conclusively proven as true yet because of the nature of morality. Of course, I detect a hint of moral relativism here (i.e. "that's true for you, but not for me"), but I'm glad the debate is at least a draw for now. Also, I want to thank the people that left comments about this situation. I really appreciate your taking the time to contribute to my insignificant little corner of the Internet. So that's it for now. The debate isn't necessarily over yet, and my section discussion should be interesting tomorrow. None of the people whose arguments have been used on quizzes have been in my section so far, so I don't know how that goes, but it should be fun. One last thing: I have to get up before 7 a.m. on Saturday. Hooray for marching band!!!!

Posted by CD on October 16, 2003 02:45 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

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