September 27, 2003

From the Book of Semi-Intelligent Thoughts

I will now post some entries from the BOSIT. I will be posting these periodically as time goes on, with explanations for some of them (these will probably come later). I have been writing in this book since 2001, although most of the entries are from the past 6 months. I will not be including the original date of the entries because any outdated ones will not be included. I will probably post these about 10 or 15 at a time until I've gone through the book. Again, if you disagree with anything, that's your right, but please don't send me hate mail (if you send hate mail to a pathetic site like this, you probably have an inferiority complex) or take anything really seriously. These are just my views on life, and some actually don't really give a perspective, they're just observations. In addition, this is not the complete BOSIT. I'm ommitting anything that's incredibly stupid, and there are a lot of pointless entries that don't need to be here. Any posted entry is one I thought was worthy of reading. And now, without further ado, here is the first series of semi-intelligent thougths:

-If people didn't exist, there would be no characters.
-If you let a smile be your umbrella, it'll eventually get struck by lightning.
-Suicide isn't always immediate or intentional.
-Radio commercials are the worst kind of advertising. If I have to listen to people with annoying voices trying to sell me things I don't need, I at least want to know what they look like so I can punch them in the face if I ever see them.
-If it's wrong to give Ritalin to people with mental disorders, then it must also be wrong to give wheelchairs to people with physical disorders.
-If affirmative action is supposed to make up for mistreatment of past generations, then I want my payment for persecution of Protestants during the Reformation. I want my Reformation reparations! Pay up, John Paul!
-The only way a movie could be "the one you can't afford to miss" is if there's a fine for not seeing it.
-The best souvenirs in life are free.
-If a loving God has to let people get away with everything and let all people into Heaven, then the best parents must be the ones who let their kids take the car out on weekends and go to bars and strip clubs with a fake ID, and then don't ask questions the next morning.

That was actually a pretty good sampling of entries all the way up to last May. I wrote a ton of entries over the summer, so I'll be posting those later. In fact, I'll probably just post them today, since I'm kind of an impatient guy. I just don't want to be out of material on my third day as a blogger. Again, there are a lot of entries in between that I didn't need to include, such as "Dave Grohl looks like a horse," "there is no spoon," and "there is a spoon (written on April fool's day)." Keep checking for more, and be ready for my first CD review. Later.

Posted by CD on September 27, 2003 01:33 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

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