January 22, 2004

Thursday Night Roundup

Okay, I'm finally back. I spend most of the day braving high winds and snow tornadoes or sitting in lectures. I also had to climb about 600 stairs over the course of the day. Good times. Actually, we're supposed to get a foot of snow tonight, so I'm glad I made Thursday my busy day.

I don't have any huge posts prepared right now, but I do want to do another multi-point thingy about various topics.

1) You know what's hard? Using Minitab for the first time ever in a math lab, trying to keep up with the directions, and running the program on a Windows computer when you're used to Macs. You know what's harder? Having the aforementioned directions given to you by a TA whose Indian accent is so heavy that you can barely tell what numbers you're supposed to use. That's one of the drawbacks of diversity, I guess.

2) When you think about it, Democrats really shouldn't call themselves "progressive." After all, they're the ones who constantly insist on using policies that obviously don't work instead of trying something new. Just look at gun control, affirmative action, socialized medicine, welfare, tax increases, the UN...

3) In my Script, Picture, and Sound class, the professor reminded us that visual productions are usually much more emotional than intellectual. That might explain why there are so many liberals in Hollywood.

4) I may alienate some people with this one, but I have to cover it: This week, I've been forced to walk behind a few people who were smoking (I use the word "forced" because I was usually behind them on a flight of stairs, leaving me no room to go around). This reminded me of something: Smoking is frickin' idiotic. Why would anyone want to start, and how can they stand it long enough to get addicted? Is there some hidden appeal to inhaling carbon monoxide and smelling like a disgruntled chimney sweep? I've never understood this.

5) It's very easy to prevent things like this from happening. You can either admit that you mean "black" and not "African-American," you can come up with another less "offensive" word to replace "black," or you can STOP JUDGING PEOPLE BY THEIR F**KING RACE. Take your pick.

6) Did anyone see the "Howard Dean interview" on Conan O'Brien? That was hilarious!

Conan: Howard, you seem a little excited.

Dean: Of course I'm excited, Conan! That's because I've had so much caffeine! And steroids! And Ritalin! And cocaine! And crystal meth! YEEEEEEAHHH!!!!!!!

7) Reminder #2: My birthday is next Tuesday. Acceptable presents include signing the guestmap and sending me traffic. Or you could do nothing. It's up to you.

...I think that's about it. Larry the Liberal will be back tomorrow for a new Friday feature called "Larry's Roundup." Every Friday night, Larry will give his opinion of a few of the week's top stories. It should be entertaining.

Posted by CD on January 22, 2004 09:16 PM
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