January 27, 2004


I love experimenting. I was doing some Spanish homework, and I happened to slip while typing an accent mark. As a result, I found out that I just have to push Option+R to get this: ®. No more of that HTML crap!

Also, I discovered a few other new functions enabled by the Option key. Namely:

œ ∑ ´ ® † ¥ ¨ ˆ ø π å ß ∂ ƒ © ˙ ∆ ˚ ¬ Ω ≈ ç √ ∫ ˜ µ ¡ ™ £ ¢ ∞ § ¶ • ª º ≤ ≥ ≠ … æ «⁄ € ‹ › fi fl ‡ ° · ‚ á é í ó ú ñ ¡ ¿ ü ”’»

I'm using a Mac, by the way, so this may not work for many of you.

Posted by CD on January 27, 2004 01:36 AM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

I don't have an option key.

or a weird squigly key.

or apple key.

Posted by: dogtulosba at January 27, 2004 08:24 PM

You probably have an Alt key. I think it's the same as Option, except you have to know a bunch of 3-digit codes to get cool characters like I have. HA!

Posted by: CD at January 27, 2004 08:53 PM

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