March 01, 2004

DU Post of the Day: "Was bin Laden REALLY Behind 9/11?"

Okay, that's enough of the unannounced hiatus. Back to moonbat bashing! We begin the month of March with one of the crazier Democratic Underground threads I've seen. It's called Was Bin Laden truly behind 911?

(NOTE: As always, DU threads are for entertainment purposes only, and are not meant to represent the American left as a whole. Thank you.)

Here's the original (it's actually a poll):

Poll question: Was Bin Laden truly behind 911? Or did he finally claim responsibility to further his own cause.

Bush said Bin Laden was behind the attacks almost immediately after they occured. I think that's why patriots like Cynthia McKinney asked Bush "what he knew and when" regarding the September 11th attacks.

In the beginning, Bin Laden denied it--which is strange, since most terrorist groups have no problem claiming responsibility for such acts.

Here are the poll results:

Yes (52 votes, 32%)
No (33 votes, 20%)
I don't know (79 votes, 48%)

So, the winner is: "I don't know!" Let's see what they have to say about their choices:

Covert CIA Operation To Give The NEOCONS Their New Pearl Harbor

They're so predictable...Of course, there has to be SOME disagreement, right?

i hope you're kidding. I'd like to think that even a man as evil as Mr. Bush would not stoop that low.

Charles Krauthammer would be proud.

not necessarily shrub himself...if some truly evil people (cheney? perle? wolfowitz?) engineered it, what would they need to inform shrub for?

on the other hand, i certainly can see him agreeing that those 3,000 lives would be 'acceptable' losses....

Beautiful! Cheney, Perle, and Wolfowitz are ALL evil! And even if it wasn't Dubya, he probably wouldn't have a problem with it anyway! Such enlightenment!

Oh please. Bush has no conscience, I'm sure he could not care less if it cost three thousand lives to further his political career by making lots of dough for his wealthy friends in trumped up wars. You act as though this has never happened before in our country. I'm certain he has been in on the planning and execution. Why else would they desparately hide the energy discussions and battle so hard to keep 9-11 uninvestigated. These are NOT nice people.

Oh no! They're not "nice people!" I'm scared!!!

...the Reichstag fire in 1933, Pearl Harbor in 41, the Tonkin Gulf attack... 9/11 is not the first bogus attack done for propaganda purposes.

edit: actually I wouldn't call Pearl Habor entirely bogus, but I seriously doubt that the government didn't know it was going to happen.

Wow! The U.S. knows about ALL attacks on its soil! In fact, it CAUSED all attacks on its soil! We're such an eeeeeeeeeeeevil nation, it's no wonder the world hates us! We won't even give them the satisfaction of killing us, because we kill our own people first!

The sad part is that if /when Bin Laden is captured Americans will rejoice thinking that we are once again safe. Most people take for granted the idea that Bin Laden was responsible.

Of course they do! They're not "open-minded" enough to accept crackpot theories like the intellectual heavyweights at DU!

But wait! Remember the tape where bin Laden admitted it was him?

He admitted it...Bin Laden admitted he did it on tape!!! Isn't that enough for you?

ISN'T IT??? Well, no:

That was the "fat" Bin Laden on that tape. It doesn't appear to be him but it sure feels good to think it is. Right?

ppppphhhhttt....BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Fat Bin Laden! Oh, man, I love these people!

You may find this hard to believe, but I think the next one is the funniest thing I've EVER seen on DU. Ever. It's either a joke post written by a lurking right-winger, or proof that humanity is doomed. Look at this:

Fat Bin Laden is really Cheney dressed in Afghani garb. That alone proves Bush did it.

So THAT'S where the "undisclosed location" is! Afghanistan!

I. Can't. Believe. Someone. Wrote. That.

PLEASE tell me it's a joke. PLEASE!!!!

It gets even better. I know I'm posting more responses than usual, but I really don't want to let any of these go, and I don't want to force my loyal readers to actually look on Democratic Underground for the rest. I respect you more than that. Here's some more of teh DU funnay:

The tapes??? Do you know that some of those have been debunked? Do you know that there is NO tape in which OBL admits he did it? CNN and Faux said he did it, but the tapes did not.

Funny, I seem to remember him saying something along the lines of "it was even better than we planned." I guess "we" means "Bush" now. But could there be another explanation?

They can do a lot of things on film these days...most of it is called special effects.

Okay, as a TV, radio, and film student, I have to admit that I have NEVER seen anything or anyone capable of producing special effects like that. Maybe the planes themselves were special effects to cover up the BushCo demolition of the towers! Maybe the entire world, crap, I don't feel right...

*loses consciousness*

...Where am I? Oh, yeah, at my computer making fun of idiots. Let's see even more:

How many lies and devious tricks do they need to pull off before you realize they are ruthless thugs. How many times do they need to try to overthrow Chavez before you realize they are playing hardball? What is it with Americans that they cannot believe this man and his band of thugs are capable of this. They are going for world control, for God's sake....MANY people will die, what's a mere 3000? 3000 will be a spit in the bucket by the time these evil people are through. Already they have murdered 22000 Iraqis and Iraq didn't do one damn thing to us. What will it take to open people's eyes?

I think Frnak needs to start running some of these quotes at the top of his page instead of stuff from "In My World." They're almost as funny as the stuff he writes.

..All right, I can't take any more of that. I really hope I don't personally know any of these people...although I can think of a couple professors I had last semester who would fit right in...especially the one who told us that Rumsfeld started planning the war in Iraq 3 hours after the WTC attacks. Hmmm....

Posted by CD on March 1, 2004 01:13 AM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

Haven't you seen Forrest Gump? Effects can do some crazy things. In fact, the existence of Forrest Gump proves that Bush masterminded 9/11.

Funny how Bush can be so utterly stupid according to these people but brilliant enough to hatch this truly incredible scheme -- destroying your own buildings and passing it off as terrorists, and somehow making it impossible to prove you did it, and easy to prove that Bin Laden (and friends) did it.

Four legs good! Two legs bad!

Posted by: dowingba at March 1, 2004 03:08 PM

Bush is a good man. He means well.

Posted by: anonymous at June 1, 2004 11:41 PM

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