March 01, 2004

Intolerance Will Not Be Tolerated

This is almost too idiotic to be true, but keep in mind that we're dealing with leftist PC fanatics in training. Thanks to Tongue Tied, I found a very disturbing story. Here are some excerpts from the original article:

A provocative speech about racial injustice prompted dozens of white students at West Haven High School to walk out of the assembly in protest Thursday.

But the majority of juniors and seniors who stayed in the auditorium stood and cheered speaker Jeffrey Johnson, saying he told the unpleasant truth.

And what "unpleasant truth" did he tell? Let's find out:

...The 30-year-old national activist sparked jeers by some students when he talked about "the system" that sends young black men into prison and special-education classes rather than to college.

Oh no! "The System!" I guess young black men NEVER commit crimes! That would require them to oppress someone, and only the Evil White Majority can oppress!

"Young black boys are targeted by these systems," he said, citing the "systematic racism in place."

"Look! There's a young black male! Arrest him!"

Do they seriously think that the police say things like that?

(to be fair, I realize that blacks are stereotyped as criminals sometimes and are targeted unfairly by stupid people, but it sure isn't "The System" making them do that)

The tension hit its high point when Johnson said that black boys are often suspended and expelled from school for breaking rules, while "white boys go back to class."

Okay, so we know why this guy was controversial. Based on that, I can understand the following:

The comments brought thunderous applause from black students, but an almost all-white group of students walked out of the auditorium. Many of the remaining students showered their classmates with boos and taunts.

Freedom of speech includes freedom not to listen, right? Even the speaker understood their discomfort:

Johnson continued to talk over the pandemonium.

"If people want to walk out — peace," he said. "I’m not here to down anybody. I’m here to be honest. This is time for us to learn together. This isn’t about offending anyone."

Interesting. The guy who thinks that the system targets young black men is fine with people leaving his speech, but the people listening to his speech resorted to booing. Wonderful.

All right, now that we've got the background, we'll move to the extended entry to see why I named this post "Intolerance Will Not Be Tolerated." After quoting a few dissenting students, the article gives us some views from those who agree with Johnson:

"I think he was great," said Ulesha Howard, 17. "To me, he was saying stuff no one else wanted to say. He was educating us."

Melvin Campbell, 17, said Johnson’s speech was "empowering" and that those who walked out showed intolerance.

"Some people who walked out were my friends," he said. "My friends who did stay, I look up to them a lot more."

Apparently, "intolerance" means "not agreeing with me" in the mind of this student. Let's see what else people think:

Sara Hicks, a sophomore, drew up a petition stating that the walkout was disrespectful and that administrators were wrong not to punish those involved. One hundred students signed the document, she said.

This is what inspired the title of the post, as well as an urge. to. KILL.

How can you possibly think that there's nothing wrong with punishing people for exercising their freedom to leave a speech like this? Is it wrong to resist indoctrination now? Here's another fun quote:

"We disagree with what our teachers say and we just can’t get up and walk out of class," she said.

I find two things wrong with that statement. First of all, there's a HUGE difference between walking out of class and walking out of a semi-racist assembly. Second, what are teachers telling these students that they disagree with? Shouldn't they be teaching...uh...FACTS?! How can you learn if you disagree with what your teachers say?

This story really makes me angry. These are high school students, and they're already swallowing the lie that "tolerance" means you're not allowed to have an opinion that the higher-ups don't like. It seems to me that they're the ones being intolerant, since they want their classmates PUNISHED for disagreeing with the speaker.

They'll fit right in once they get to college.

Posted by CD on March 1, 2004 01:05 PM
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