June 18, 2004


All right, I had to post this sometime. It might as well be now.

Over the past couple weeks, you may have noticed my blogging getting a bit more frantic and less analytical. You may have also noticed an increase in censored profanity and other rantlike behavior. And if you haven't noticed these, I have.

Everything that's happened in the past few weeks, from the beheadings, to the Gore speech, to the media manipulation of the 9/11 Commission's claims, to Michael Moore and his unlimited ability to be an anti-American pig, has been stressing me out to the point where I don't trust myself to write intelligently (or semi-intelligently) about it anymore.

In case you haven't figured out where I'm going with this: I NEED A BREAK.

For the next week, at the very least, I will be taking a political hiatus. That means no posts about politics. None. Zero. Nada.

I will still be blogging, albeit less frequently, so stick around if you still want to read my writing for some reason. I'm working on some new songs and audio samples for the music page, and I may write and post a couple sketches I have in mind for Syracuse Live. I also have some cool storm videos I want to post.

But, once more, NO POLITICAL POSTS FOR AT LEAST A WEEK. Unless some once-in-a-lifetime, historical event happens, I will not be blogging current events or anything related to the election.

If you really want to read my usual stuff (for whatever strange reason), you can check out my "Favorite Posts" list on the sidebar. I also suggest sampling some of the fine blogs on the blogroll.

That is all. Enjoy the filler for the next 9 days.

Posted by CD on June 18, 2004 08:00 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

Yay! Storm videos! You've got me hooked for the next week or so. .. of course, I've been hooked on this site since I first discovered it. :)

Posted by: Katherine at June 18, 2004 10:08 PM
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