September 18, 2004

Obligatory Self-Centered Weekend Post

It's a game week! Syracuse vs. Cincinnati, today at 12:00 PM!

If you don't know how that affects me, let me explain: The marching band has rehearsal at 8:00 AM. After that, we have a pep rally at 10:30, followed by pregame, halftime, etc. The game will probably end around 4:00.


My parents are coming up to see the game, and I'm going to dinner with them afterwards, which means I'll be away from the blog pretty much all day. I could do another "open thread," but those never seem to take off, so I'll just do a simple survey instead. This is similar to one I did a few months ago, but I'd like to think I've gotten some new readers since then. Answer in the comments if you choose to participate:

1. How did you originally find Semi-Intelligent Thoughts?

2. Why do you read this blog?

3. Any lurkers out there? A lurker is someone who reads without commenting. Come on, there have to be a few of you.

All right, that's about it until...probably Monday, actually. I have a lot of work to do this weekend.


Posted by CD on September 18, 2004 02:05 AM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

1. through a link on franks page, the name caught my eye.

2. because i like it. it reminds me that there are actually conservative thinking college students. its entertaining. you make good points.

3. i am a former-lurker.

now, as for your marching band stuff... isn't it raining? pouring? that has got to be horrible.

now, if only this rain would end, i could go find me that boy.. ::sigh::

Posted by: Katherine at September 18, 2004 11:13 AM

I started going through the MuNu list when I moved here.

For Fun and Enlightenment.

I never lurk.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at September 18, 2004 08:38 PM

1) Originally found through your participation in various Alliance-related activities.

2) I'm an intermittent reader. I've got a full blogroll that I read daily, but sometimes I finish early and I have to kill time at work. So I'll start checking my refers. I know you have decent content, so when I catch you peeking in, I'll peek back.

This is actually a compliment. There are some blogs in my refers that I won't bother clicking to because I know that their content is just flat-out dull.

So, no SPECIFIC reason, just a general sense that if I stop by, I won't be bored.

3) And depending on how chatty I don't feel, sometimes I just lurk when I stop by.

Posted by: Harvey at September 20, 2004 02:50 PM

Question Number One:

Okay. It was the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I'm from Detroit. Which means I have a deep-seated hatred of the Colorado Avalanche. It's just about the biggest rivalry in hockey. Plus being from Michigan means I get to enjoy what is probably the biggest rivalry in college football, being U-M and OSU. So I was Googling things along the lines of "sports rivalry" because I wanted to read what people had to say about the potential Red Wings-Avs series. (How sad is this... now I can't even remember if they played each other...)

Y'all with me so far?

Okay. So I clicked on a link that said (I believe) "Sports rivalries are dumb". Thinking to myself, "okay, we'll get a little insight from the other side," I went to the page, and lo and behold, I met SIT. I think it was the post about the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, which was actually a blast on idiots who say they love America but kinda show the opposite.

I thought it was funny (mind you, this is the first blog I had EVER read) so I went to the 105 Things, the favorite posts (fell out of my chair reading the Donktionary), etc. Been reading it ever since.

Question Number Two: Because out of all the blogs I'd love to read but have no time, I know CD will always have something to say that'll piss me off at stupid people, make me laugh, and keep me informed all at the same time.

Question Number Three: No.

Posted by: Army NCO Guy at September 21, 2004 01:25 PM
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