September 20, 2004

DU Post of the Day: "Where Will You Go If Bush Wins?"

I haven't done this for a really long time, but I figured I'd keep the moonbat theme going with some DU posts. This thread is one of the more hysterically paranoid discussions I've seen, so let's take a closer look:

Oldie DU'ers where are you planning on moving? I can't stay and fight. But, I don't know where to go. I don't like in Canada. But, when Rather caves I know it's time...if one get outta here.

Please, God, let them be serious this time. Go! Get out! Find someplace where your kind is accepted, you sick freaks!

Anyway, let's take an even more in-depth look at the world these people live in:

Don't know where I could go, but like you Koko01, tonight when I heard Rather apologize, I thought when he's silenced it's time for those who are planning to leave the country to do so now.

Oh, so now Rather was "silenced?" Because I could've sworn he was "caught in a blatant lie." Seriously, how many different types of drugs do you people have to consume before you can come up with this stuff?

Yes...I will vote before I go...but I need to make plans. I don't want to be left here like the Jews who didn't get out in Nazi Germany. I have a big's hard for me to "blend in." I've already lost friends and family members because of Bush, so I know just like with Ann Frank's experience in Holland...I and my family would be turned in because I have an "aura" of Resistence. Folks can just tell about folks like me.

Here's a suggestion for "blending in:" Take off the tinfoil hat. Don't worry; The mind-reading moon lasers may not get you. Rove was never very good at aiming 'em anyway. But I've already said too much. I'll move on.

Sometimes I think this is what it felt like to be a Jew in Germany in the 40's. You know you should leave but, it's such a huge decision. I guess they kept thinking, how much worse can it get. Until it was too late.

I already mentioned that persecution fantasies and delusions of grandeur were signs of schizophrenia, right?

I know I should leave...I've already lost so much support except here on when is the "tipping point?"

I'm not a 20 or 30 Something waiting for the fight...I have to think of my future and my family's future.

I do think it was like this in Nazi Germany. Do you stay and wait for it to "blow over," with a new person in power, or do you realize it's gone past that point and you will need others to come in and save your country.

GEEZE! I'm so centered and average...but I was raised believing in the Constitution of America and "Checks and Balances" where we would NEVER have another KING GEORGE!

I am so freakin' ordinary but now I'm like an "Anarchist/Anti-American threat to my old friends of more than 15 years and my family I've had for life.

Do I see what's real or do they...I can't take that chance, and need to plan.. I do NOT want to live through the 1940's ...NO WAY!

(Cue 80s rock music)

We're not gonna take it
NO! We ain't gonna take it!
We're not gonna take it

...Sorry. I was inspired for a second.

The next one is really long, but I have to include all of it. As an aspiring filmmaker, I think it would make a great climactic speech in a movie about government oppression:

I will not live under this evil man nor lend my name to any more of his evil fascism and killing. Since we are seniors, the idea of fighting in any way shape or form via a revolution is kind of silly because we do not have the stamina. If, that is, the people in 'America would even consider a revolution--their complacency in the last presidential election was horrific and the complacency of the Democrats in Congress--likewise and it simply, in all it's complacency, drifted over to the 2002 electons also. We are now left in the fight of our political lives to try to rescue our country from fascism, and given the mess over the last four years, it should not be. To this day, we cannot understand how this happened. We are agast that we have suffered through these years under this spoiled little bully boy,Bush without a single opposition offered to his evil policies from virtually anyone. We do not like being jerked around like this.

What defense do we have if Bush is elected? If the congress is so selfishly complacent seeking to preserve themself and their careers rather than the Constitution ,if the judiciary is also collabarative and is virtually unassailable by the people or held accountable by the people, and the military is under the control of Bush, what else it there to do but flee because for sure there will be tyranny, given the record of the past four years. We do not have missiles, planes or tanks or helicopters, guns or even a slingshot with which to revolt against this overwhelming , but evil, tyrannical power should Bush be elected.

I will not lend my name to continuous slaughter of innocent human beings for mere profit and power of the little prick of a priveledged ignorant and stupid incompetant twit, his Stepford, air head, also a twit, botoxed, chain smoking, manufactured wife, and vacant minded, law breaking, bordello dressing, spoiled, slutty and silly dumb daughters.

My family has been landed in this country since the early seventeenth century and were active yeoman and fighters , on the historical record as assisting in the American revolution. If it were today, they surely would not support this fascism.

*Standing ovation*

Great job! Now, just to make weren't serious, right? You're just being melodramatic because you're an unemployed 'tard with no life.

...Oh, you were serious. Wow.

My parents used to say you can't solve problems by running away.

But they were Jewish and the only relatives they had still alive were the ones who ran away from the pogroms in Russia and from Nazi Germany. The rest died. Of course my parents were also lying fascists, so you couldn't believe anything they said anyway.

I am not in a position to run. I outlived my usefulness and my expected life span 40 years ago. Even under the best possible circumstances, i.e., Kerry wins, we get a Democratic controlled Congress and Supreme Court, etc., etc., unless I'm lucky enough to get into a hospice, I can only look foward to an extremely painful death, whether I'm beaten to death by fascists or just not given sufficient painkillers when I become terminally ill.

I'll leave you with that.

DU: Where loving, tolerant people call their parents lying fascists.

Posted by CD on September 20, 2004 09:50 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

You know what i'd like to see on the DU, just for a change? Ad hominem attacks. Maybe even a couple of good old fashioned "Straw Man" arguments. Heck, I'd even take a litle bit of projection. These are a few of my favorite things.

Seriously, though, those last two really sadden me. I mean, my dad was no mean fan of President Clinton (to say the absolute least) but even he doesn't spout as much invective as these. Well, almost. Eh, well, you know what they say about bad publicity. There is none.

Posted by: tommy at September 20, 2004 10:16 PM

Where would you go??? Morons. We're here to vote and to have a say. Bush can only come back for another four years (out of our country's 200+ years of existence).

Even assuming the absurd notion that Bush is the enemy, I'd stay right here so there are enough Democrats to keep him from going FDR on us and running for four terms because of Iraq.

Where do they get this stuff from? I'm a freakin' liberal, and I can't figure it out.

Posted by: Alex D. at September 22, 2004 02:01 AM

Sometimes it's really stimulating to read how the other-side thinks. I find it soothing to reflect on JUST HOW DUMB THEY REALLY ARE. Somebody please take away their voter-registration cards before they hurt themselves.

Posted by: rick at September 26, 2004 09:25 PM
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