October 16, 2004

Documentaries Are Time-Consuming

I think I'm actually starting to forget what free time is like. In about an hour, I'm meeting my TRF group and heading to Gary Frenay's house to interview him and his family, then we're all going to the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles to watch/record the Frenay and Lenin performance.

Yeah, you all wish you had my life. Don't deny it.

UPDATE (11:50 PM)
...Wow. When you shoot on location with 2 other people, and said location takes 25 minutes to drive to, and those 25 minutes are filled by conversation, you learn way more about those people than you ever wanted to know.


Posted by CD on October 16, 2004 02:26 PM
Category: TRF (TV, Radio, & Film)
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