November 01, 2004

Pre-Election DU Fun

I just read the most thoughtful, logical, and rational post I've ever seen on Democratic Underground! This was written in response to a College Republican on CNN. Check it out:

man...what a fucking bitch ass motherfucker. Why dont you go back to your bitch ass job at abercrombie you spikey haired sissy boy.

Wow! The left sure is full of intelligent people! How could anyone not vote for Kerry when this guy supports him?

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! There's an even better response later in the thread:

What is with these people? If they aren't sneering at Democrats, they've got nothing to say. How can somebody so young be so venomous? What kind of responsible adult would encourage that behavior in a kid? It's unbelievable. We're going to be dealing with these people for a long, long time.

Can you say "ironic," boys and girls?

Posted by CD on November 1, 2004 10:40 PM
Category: Liberal Stupidity
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