November 03, 2004

Go, Ohio!

This is so friggin' intense. I still haven't started studying. Me and NS have just been sitting at our computers for the last couple hours clicking "Refresh" on this page. I don't even care about my CPS grade at this point; I just want to see Bush win this thing once and for all.

One state. One. State.

Of course, my home state of Pennsylvania went for Kerry. As did my current state of residence, New York. Dang it.

Come on, Ohio. Give this election to Bush. Do it for The Children™.

UPDATE (2:12 AM)
It's over. Bush wins. Can we all get back to our lives now? I'm already going to fail a test thanks to this election.

Posted by CD on November 3, 2004 12:19 AM
Category: 2004 Election
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