December 16, 2004

Movie Time!

It's once again time to share the fruits of my academic labor with you, my loyal readers. As you probably know, the final TRF 255 project was fiction, and I worked on a film called "Pinochle." It's about a convenience store robbery, but the title does have a lot of significance. You'll have to watch if you want to find out what it means.

Now, as usual, here are some notes:

As I've mentioned, I was the director of photography for the project. This means that I was behind the camera for almost every shot (including all the hand-held ones, other than the close-ups during the dialogue in the middle), so when you see a nicely framed shot or a cool angle, just remember: That was probably my work (except the very last scene, because I wasn't there that day). I think that's enough bragging.

...Or is it? I also have a brief on-camera appearance as "Customer 2," the scared guy holding an upside-down box of Lucky Charms. Again, you'll understand when you see it.

Want to have some fun while you watch? Then you can play an exciting game called "Spot the Continuity Errors." When four college sophomores make a film, and three of them are playing lead roles in that film, they tend to miss a few details, like making sure that certain objects remain in the same location between shots. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try to spot all the mistakes and inconsistencies. There's also one (and only one) shot where the microphone strays into the frame.

If you do spot the continuity errors, just remember: I had nothing to do with the editing of this film. I asked to help, but the director said I had done enough, so I didn't get involved in post-production at all. I personally think I could've done a better job than the editors, but you can see for yourself.

On a final note, I think that my documentary, "Against the Wind," was better than "Pinochle." That could be because I spent 16 hours editing the documentary, and only about 8 hours shooting this film, but...yeah.

Anyway, that's more than enough introduction. Download (for bandwidth's sake) the link below, and you can watch "Pinochle" on your computer. Isn't technology great? It's about nine minutes long, and almost all of them rock.

Oh, and reviews/criticism are more than welcome. At least let me know if you watched it. If nobody's seeing these things, I'm not going to keep posting them. That is all.

Click here to download "Pinochle"

Posted by CD on December 16, 2004 12:25 AM
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I watched it! I watched it!

Posted by: Crispy23 at December 17, 2004 04:11 PM

Quicktime hates me.. but eventually, I watched it.

Posted by: Katherine at December 17, 2004 10:24 PM
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