January 28, 2005


Every time I think I've become desensitized to the mind-boggling stupidity of people, something else catches me totally off guard.

For example, this:

Cheney's Green Parka and Boots Stand Out

Vice President Dick Cheney (news - web sites)'s utilitarian hooded parka and boots stood out amid the solemn formality of a ceremony commemorating the liberation of Nazi death camps, raising eyebrows among the fashion-conscious.

Cheney replaced the zipped-to-the-neck green parka he sported in Thursday's blowing snow and freezing wind with a more traditional black coat — red tie and gray scarf showing underneath — for his tour of Auschwitz on Friday.

Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan described Cheney's look at the deeply moving 60th anniversary service as "the kind of attire one typically wears to operate a snow blower."

"Cheney stood out in a sea of black-coated world leaders because he was wearing an olive drab parka with a fur-trimmed hood," Givhan wrote in Friday's Post, also mocking Cheney's knit ski cap embroidered with the words "Staff 2001" and his brown, lace-up hiking boots. "The vice president looked like an awkward child amid the well-dressed adults," she said.

Is this a friggin' joke? With all the problems facing the world today, you @sshats are criticizing the vice president for wearing a green f**king coat?!

I don't even know what to say at this point. Just...get a life, you wastes of space.

Posted by CD on January 28, 2005 10:07 PM
Category: The Media
Semi-Intelligent Comments

Wait, you mean to tell me that the WaPo is criticizing a member of the Administration? Man, do you know what this means? It's Friday.
Actually, you know, it's funny, i roomed with a Mass Communications major for 3 years; heard third-hand what is and most certainly is NOT news-worthy/professional/acceptable in most circles, and i have to tell you that that, even as an Opinion piece, would have made the Professor of Roomie's classes (asuming, as always, impartiality) vomit. But, remember, this is the Buschimperialist's crew we are talking about, and here, anything goes (unless it is positive, of course).

Posted by: tommy at January 29, 2005 01:28 AM

I don't think it's newsworthy at all, no. But it does look eerily similar to what my father would wear to do the snow blowing.

Posted by: Katherine at January 29, 2005 09:54 AM
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