December 15, 2005

Action News

As I mentioned the other day, I recently finished writing my first real screenplay, "Action News." It's for a screenwriting class, so I had to make know...good. The Bob and Joe scripts were just for fun, but this I can't believe I pulled it off...

Can you tell by my relative incoherence that I'm ridiculously stressed right now?

Anyway, I'm putting the script on the blog for anyone who's interested. As usual, all feedback is greatly appreciated. I know you don't all have time to read a full-length script, but since I don't really blog much anymore...this should hold you for a while. Those of you who read the preview I posted a couple months ago may be especially interested (wait...did anyone even read that?).

A few notes, as usual:

1. Like I said, this is the real thing. It's written in a style pretty much identical to what Hollywood producers see every day.

2. Unlike the rather silly Bob and Joe series, this is somewhere between tragedy and black (the color, not the ethnicity) comedy.

3. The main story is about media sensationalism, but there's a subtle B-story containing a healthy dose of political satire. I don't think anyone at school has caught it, but it should be obvious to anyone who frequents this site. Hint: One character represents Howard Dean. I'll let you figure out who it is...

4. It's rated R for adult language and some violence (no sex/nudity, though. Sorry).

5. Most of the character names are totally arbitrary, but three main characters (try to figure out which ones!) have symbolic names. I just wanted to point that out because I did a lot of research to come up with them.

6. I think Earl and Harriet Stanford are the best characters I've ever created. You'll understand when you get to page 12.

7. I worked really hard on this, probably at the expense of my political science and philosophy grades, so...seriously, let me know what you think.

Anyway, here it is, in PDF or RTF format:


Check it out, yo.

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