April 03, 2006

Hooray for Diversity of Thought!

Despite what you may think, this letter to the Daily Orange is not satire:

Inviting Coulter showed a lack of consideration

Recently the Ann Coulter appearance has been gaining much attention. I read today that there was a meeting between students and the College Republicans about this. To me it seems like the Republican club doesn't see any wrongdoing in bringing Coulter to campus. I did attend the speech (a 9-year-old could've said more interesting things), and, granted, she did hold back on her racial speech and homophobia (until the question and answer part). But even though she did hold back, many people take offense to what she has said in the past.

I realize that the Republican club wanted to get someone in here that could bash Democrats as much as Michael Moore bashed Republicans last year, but they should've been a little bit smarter in their decision. Bringing someone such as Coulter to a campus that is trying to be more diverse and accepting of gays and lesbians wasn't a smart idea. They should've gone with someone that could bash Democrats and not raise as much controversy for his or her previous comments. So next year when the Republican club (or even the Democrats) invite a speaker, please take a long hard look at who you're inviting to speak, and think of how other people will react to that speaker's views.

So, let's review:

- Ann Coulter, who has apparently made numerous racist and homophobic statements that these morons seem unable to reference directly (all I can think of is the dumbass "ragheads" thing she pulled a few weeks ago), is too controversial.

- Michael Moore, despite the fact that he essentially declared support for the terrorists and more or less said that all Republicans hate minorities, is not controversial.

It boggles the mind.

NOTE: I'd like to once again point out that I'm not much of an Ann Coulter fan, but these brainwashed morons make her look normal by comparison. It's like that "giant douche/turd sandwich" thing...)

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