April 26, 2006

Well, What Do You Know? I Was Partially Right.

If you read yesterday's longer post, you'll recall that one of my theories about the weirdness involved was as follows:

...maybe there's some weird school-wide event that hasn't been publicized.

After pondering this for a while, I actually bothered to check my handy PDF of the academic calendar. I'll let you see for yourselves what I found:

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Mayfuckingfest. Wonderful. I have no idea what that is, I only heard one person (another student) mention it on Monday (appropriately, he was saying how odd it is that Mayfest is in April), a quick check of the 2005 calendar confirms that it wasn't a day off last year, and more importantly, NONE OF MY PROFESSORS MADE ANY MENTION OF THERE BEING NO CLASSES.

Thanks a lot, assholes.

Oh, well. At least this means I didn't miss anything.

Further investigation reveals that the school mentioned classes being cancelled...in an email last Friday entitled "MAYFEST REMINDER."

Because, you know, we all realize that we should read messages referring to events we don't care about and assume that there's going to be relevant information within...

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

is that like the 7 days of communism, ending with a parade through campus of ICBM's and tanks on Mayday? Cause that would be kinda cool. I mean, how often do you see ICBMs in New York?


Posted by: tommy at April 26, 2006 10:34 PM

and i still think you should go around telling your professors how great it was that ANZAC Day was taken off as a tribute to all the soldiers who lay down their lives in WWI. You know, just to see the reactions.


Posted by: tommy at April 26, 2006 10:35 PM

From the Mayfest site:

"MayFest is a joint S. U.—SUNY- ESF, campus-wide, multi-venue event highlighting the wide diversity of student creative works on the campuses. The purpose of this event is:

* to showcase student works of creativity, discovery, research, and innovation through performances, presentations, displays, demonstrations, screenings and other means
* to promote the recognition and understanding of the breadth and depth of creative works being done University-wide by students and faculty together
* to foster and encourage new collaborations across disciplines and academic boundaries
* to encourage the broadest student engagement in future creative work and research by holding up successful student peer role models and to continue to foster a spirit of student academic involvement at the highest levels
* to display for the community the nature and scope of creative works being done on campus."

None of which changes the fact that none of my professors said a single fucking word about it.

Posted by: CD at April 26, 2006 10:56 PM

ICBM's are "creative works."

Okayfineigetit, no festival of Commiehood. Pooh.


Posted by: tommy at April 26, 2006 11:32 PM
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