April 27, 2006

Stinchisms of the Day

Yeah, I actually made it to class this morning. What a freakin' concept. Anyway, here are some quotes:

- "They would advertise shit as a dressing for ice cream if they could."

- "LSD is an artificially made drug that will do wonders for your family."

- "I don't give a shit about Cuban comrades."

- "Santa Claus had no Communist connections."

- "Every president since Woodrow Wilson has violated the rights of Americans."

- "We went to Iraq, then it turned into a quagmire..."

- "Julia Child was still...can you imagine...[speaking in a weird, high-pitched voice] NOW YOU TAKE THE...[unintelligible babbling and stomping for a few seconds]"

I think you have to have been there to understand the last one...

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