May 03, 2006

Out of Context Quote of the Day

During part 1 of the marathon editing session this morning, one of the guys I'm working with said the following:

"It's not that hard to shoot homeless people!"

Tell me, if you didn't know that he was talking about film, wouldn't that freak you out a bit?

I don't know...maybe I just find it funny because I only slept for about an hour last night this morning and everything seems strangely hilarious to me now.

(Incidentally, our brilliant student film, previously known as "Drifters" but now officially entitled "My Sister's House," will be done in a couple days, and I'll try to upload it as soon as I get a chance. We have a really good feeling about this thing.)

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

Joker: How can you shoot women and children like that?

AnimalMother: Easy, just don't lead em so much.

Slightly different context

Posted by: tommy at May 4, 2006 11:03 AM
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