October 17, 2006

Have I Mentioned That I Hate My Anthropology Class?

Check out just one paragraph from a ten page reading in the book:

There is perhaps no better way of grasping the epistemological and sociological presuppositions of objectivism than to return to the inaugural operations through which Saussure constructed the specific object of linguistics. These operations, ignored and masked by all the mechanical borrowings from the then dominant discipline and by all the literal translations of an autonomized lexicon on which the new 'structural' sciences were hastily founded, have become the epistemological unconscious of structuralism.

I doubt that even these authors know what the fuck they're saying sometimes...

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

I used to write like that in college, but only because i had a language teacher that really pissed me off. Then he said that i have a good vocabulary so i should use it. (that's not what pised me off, btw)

Heh, i did, to excess. The folks in peer review hated me. Good times.


Posted by: tommy at October 18, 2006 01:05 AM
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