January 15, 2007

This Is Familiar...

Well, I'm back in Syracuse, and my first class of the semester starts in about 17 hours. Woohoo.

Until then, here's a picture of the amazing weather we're having up here right now:


Oh, wait, did I say "amazing?" I meant "cold, rainy, and shitty." We drove through an ice storm or something to get here. Fun stuff. Meanwhile, it's apparently 57 back in Pittsburgh. I'm not sure which of those I like less, honestly.

It's weird...I started this blog in the first semester of my freshman year, and the second semester of my senior year is about to begin. Almost all of my college career has been documented here in some way.

Actually, I think that's more scary than weird. But maybe I'm just paranoid because I haven't slept since Sunday (again, being nocturnal has its downsides)...

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