May 19, 2007

The Previous "Oh, Fuck" Moment Seems Rather Insignificant Now

For those of you who were actually wondering, my computer is still functioning. I think something got knocked loose while I was transporting it from Syracuse to Pittsburgh, because a light shake seems to be capable of stopping the odd noises. Or it could be ready to die. Whatever.

Other matters, however, are kind of taking my mind off this at the moment. Let me tell you about the last few hours...

I woke up rather late this evening (I've mentioned before that I revert to a nocturnal sleep schedule when I'm at home) to a text message informing me that my parents were at the hospital with my brother.


Further inquiry revealed that he had a fucking seizure when he was getting ready to head out on the golf course this morning and had to be taken by helicopter to the emergency room.

Oh, joy.

Long story short, after running a shitload of tests, they found what is most likely a benign lesion on his brain, but they're doing a biopsy in the morning to be sure.

Yeah. Fun times. This is probably nothing serious (the guy has played a lot of sports, and it may just be an old injury that never manifested itself until now), but still...holy fuck, people. Holy fuck.

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