July 04, 2008


So, I fulfilled a lifelong dream tonight.

Yep. I finally did something I've been wanting to do for almost ten years...

I watched the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks live. They were almost all visible from the common room of my suite. Being on the 26th floor of a building two blocks from the East River has its advantages.

The smoke obscured the fireworks from one of the barges, and there was a building in front of the barge closest to us, but still...holy fuck, what a show.

Also, after the display, I did the opposite of what the old CD would've done and stuck around watching TV/movies with my suitemates and their friends. We watched some of Independence Day, hence the post title, and a couple other things.

A quick tip: If you want to lighten the mood during Independence Day (assuming other people are already going MST3K on the thing), say "Oh, shit! They have virus protection!" during the scene where Jeff Goldblum's character connects his laptop the the alien mothership. It worked for me, at least.

Of course, they're all out at a party now, and I'm still here, but since I don't expect them to just magically invite me to something they were planning to go to before I showed up, I'm not taking it as a sign of failure. At least I didn't make an idiot of myself like I normally seem to in these situations. I still have to learn to keep my damn mouth shut sometimes, but I'd say I'm making progress.

The fact that I'm 23 years old and I'm still analyzing my social performance to this degree says a lot about my life up to this point...but hey, it's never to late to improve yourself, right?


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