August 08, 2008

That Was Fast

Well, the internship is over. I'm heading back to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Wow.

Of course, the difference between this and every other time I've headed home is that I'm planning to come right back as soon as I find an apartment. I've got better connections and experience now, so I may actually be able to find a real job sometime this year.

Also, I know I kind of slacked off on the stories, but I can still share some interesting memories once I'm home.

In the meantime, just to give you an idea of what the past six weeks have been like, my resume now includes all the following experiences (my thoughts in italics):

• Transcribed several hours’ worth of interviews [The main reason I haven't blogged more]
• Performed research for various projects [Google is my friend]
• Located and organized several hundred digital photos/images for use in a documentary [Google Image Search is my friend]
• Logged and captured footage using Final Cut Pro [I was the only intern who already knew how to do this]
• Converted DV files from PAL to NTSC [If you understand all three of those abbreviations, you could probably do this one too]
• Ripped and burned DVDs [I don't even know if we had the rights to do this]
• Performed script coverage [I never actually finished this because the guy who gave me the script went to work on another project and still hasn't come back]
• Assisted in transporting and setting up equipment for shoots [Fun with FYF and Frenchy]

And that's just the stuff that's worth mentioning to potential employers. It doesn't even go into all the time I spent sweeping floors, rearranging closets and shelves, buying food for people, etc.

Anyway, more details to come later. Also, I saw a huge rat in the subway station yesterday, and I can't think of a better way to work that fact into a post than this.

So, a little while ago, I thought I smelled smoke, and it was gradually getting stronger. My two remaining roommates (the one I was actually sharing a room with has been gone for a week) and the one guy's girlfriend just left, so I went to the common room to investigate. Here's what I found:



At least open some fucking windows before you smoke cigars in the fucking apartment, you fucking inconsiderate shitbags.

I'm kind of glad I'm moving out in 12 hours.

Also, as long as I'm taking pictures of my roommates' stuff, here is some of their alcohol (or at least the evidence of its consumption):



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