November 05, 2008

Election Commentary

I hope I get a job at least a couple months before Obama takes office, just so I can experience keeping the money that I make.

Honestly, I'd feel worse about living in a socialist country if I wasn't already planning on moving to New York.

Just look on the bright side: Part of the reason Reagan was elected was that people were so disgusted by the utter incompetence of Jimmy Carter. Obama's gradual destruction of the country could usher in a new era of conservative dominance.

...Assuming the country is still here after the guaranteed international crisis, of course.

Speaking of looking on the bright side, as a musician, I can benefit somewhat from all this. I'll have so much material to work with over the next four years that I'll probably be able to write several albums' worth of protest songs.

On that note, will liberals finally stop claiming to be anti-establishment now that they've given the keys to the country to a radical? I doubt it, but it will be fun to see how they handle the cognitive dissonance of the situation. Hell, there's a song topic right there.

Finally, a message for John McCain:

Hey, moron, thanks for alienating a huge portion of the right-leaning electorate (myself included) and responding to eight years of hateful, ignorant bullshit from the left by preaching compromise and bipartisanship. While Democrats compared Bush to Hitler, claimed that non-Obama voters were racist, fundamentalist gun nuts, and blatantly pushed for an overwhelming numerical and ideological majority in all three branches of government, you made your record of "reaching across the aisle" to these petulant children the centerpiece of your campaign. That "uniter, not a divider" bullshit didn't work for Bush, and it didn't work for you, because Democrats aren't interested in compromising with people they consider to be stupid, evil, or some combination of the two. Fuck you.

I think I'm done now.

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