November 08, 2008

Let's Hear It One More Time For Fitness

I had more angry political posts in mind, but I'm moving out in a few hours, and I'm trying to stay positive to make it easier. Therefore, allow me to brag a bit more about my weight loss.

For those keeping track, I've now lost 65 pounds since college. I thought I'd provide a fun visual aid to demonstrate what a difference this has made.

Here is what I looked like in April of 2007, when I weighed about 235 (those tapes are the raw footage from my senior thesis project):


And here is what I look like as of tonight, weighing in at about 170:


I barely even recognize myself in the old pic anymore. It's actually kind of scary.

To keep the post from being totally apolitical, I'll note that this is an example of real change that happened without any government intervention.

Anyway, the next post will probably come to you from my new (temporary, but still new) home in New Jersey. Until then, (insert clever closing line here).


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