Introduction to Semi-Intelligent Thoughts

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering exactly what SIT is all about. Good for you.

Basically, I'm CD, and this is my personal blog. I use it to write about topics that interest me, which usually means politics, music, or hockey, but I also document parts of my life that I think are interesting enough to share. Also, I use adult language quite frequently, so if that's a problem, I suggest leaving now and checking out some LOLcats or something.

In case you're curious about the man behind the blog, here's a few fun facts about me:

AGE: 25
LOCATION: Eastern New Jersey
OCCUPATION: Unemployed, but looking for work in film editing in New York City
EDUCATION: B.S. in Television, Radio, and Film with a minor in Political Science from Syracuse University
RELIGION: Agnostic
POLITICAL VIEWS: Republitarian (it's complicated)
INTERESTS: Reading, guitar, drums, writing, walking, hockey, film, astronomy, sarcasm
YOU: Obviously have too much free time if you've read this far

If you spend some time reading the blog, you'll note that I ask for comments on a lot of posts. This is because I enjoy a good discussion on just about any interesting topic. Feel free to add your thoughts anywhere, even if you completely disagree with me. Just don't be an asshole about it, or you run the risk of being Wiggumized. You'll know what it means when it happens.

Final disclaimer: I've been doing this blogging thing since 2003, so opinions expressed in older posts may no longer be valid. If you have such a problem with something I wrote when I was 18 that you feel the need to tell me about it now, you're probably too dumb to be here.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll stick around.