August 26, 2004

Have I Mentioned That I Love College?

The following message recently appeared in my e-mailbox, as well as on a piece of paper that was slipped under my door about a minute ago:

The City of Syracuse’s Department of Water in conjunction with the Onondaga County Department of Health, has issued a water advisory affecting portions of Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse, including the Syracuse University area. The advisory identifies that the City-supplied water may be tinted with a greenish color in portions of Syracuse. Water from the Woodland Reservoir has been identified as the source of the “green water.” The cause is suspected to be algae. The Woodland Reservoir has been undergoing treatment by the City of Syracuse to reduce the higher-than-usual algae growth.

The advisory instructs individuals not to consume water that has
a greenish color or tint. Green-colored water should not be used
in food preparation or dishwashing unless it has been boiled.
According to the advisory, human bathing is permitted but
incidental ingestion during bathing activities should be

The University is maintaining close contact with the City and
the County Health Department to monitor testing results.

I'll refrain from commenting on this. I think it speaks for itself.

(Repeatedly bangs head against wall)


Posted by CD on August 26, 2004 10:36 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

Hey, at least they let you know about it...

Posted by: Army NCO G uy at August 27, 2004 05:39 PM

I have to agree that I appreciated being informed about it. There wasn't any attempt to let the general community know except if they happened to tune in for any local TV news or radio news for the brief few seconds that they might have mentioned it. Syracuse University and Le Moyne College both infiormed everyone affiliated with them, and Le Moyne wasn't even affected!

Posted by: Jeremy Pierce at August 30, 2004 01:01 PM
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