August 31, 2004

I Still Love College


322 dollars and 65 cents. For 7 books. For 4 classes. $322.65. And that's not including the course reader that I had to pick up at a completely different store and pay about $40 for. I love it.

Also, while I was in the bookstore, I glanced at the "Syracuse University bestsellers" shelf, or something along those lines. These superb selections included American Dynasty, My Life, and The Price of Loyalty. Shocking, isn't it?

In addition, as I was picking up my required Political Science books, I glanced at the required reading from some of the other poli-sci courses. Here are just a few of the books these professors are making people read:

Against All Enemies
Plan of Attack
Stupid White Men

Yes, you read that right. "Stupid White Men" is required reading for one of the 300 level courses, I believe. I hope it's so the students can learn how not to make an argument. And speaking of stupid white men, I heard someone in the bookstore mention that Michael Moore is speaking at SU right after the "Fahrenheit 9/11" DVD comes out in September. I still haven't decided whether I'm going to go and thin out the moonbat herd listen to the opposition's arguments.

In other college news, I have a good quote of the day from my professor of Television, Radio and Film 255: Intro to Writing and Producing:

"This class will take over your life."

Oh, that's good to know. My life wasn't that interesting anyway.

In all seriousness, TRF is my major, and I do want to be a writer/director, so I'll probably be spending a lot more time doing production and a lot less time blogging. It should be a good class, though. She used the first 20 minutes of Natural Born Killers as an example of good cinematography, so I'm expecting the rest of the semester to be interesting.

Posted by CD on August 31, 2004 04:15 PM
Semi-Intelligent Comments

Custom textbooks are worse yet. I had one this semester, no bigger than a regular novel, and it was $105.. because the professor had an extra 2 chapters added.

Posted by: Katherine at August 31, 2004 08:45 PM

Dynamics of machines. 1 class, 3 credit hours. 2 books. $326.change. That is not counting the other $430 i spent on the rest of my books.
Moral- Don't be an Engineer!

Posted by: tommy at August 31, 2004 10:02 PM

Hey, maybe when Mooresky comes to SU, you can act out the part of the Imperial Nazi Warmonger and have a DVD-burning out in front of where he'll be speaking.

...You could say "Hey, we got this fire up to 911 degrees Fahrenheit!"

Posted by: Army NCO Guy at September 1, 2004 03:14 PM
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