February 15, 2005

That Time of Year

You know what's great about mid-February? In every class, at least 30% of the people in the room are sick. Therefore, lectures are made more lively and exciting by continuous f**king coughing and sneezing for an hour.

For example...

History: "The te*cough*mper*cough*ance move*cough*ment be*cough*ga*ah-choo-choo-choo*n in the 19*cough*0*cough*0*cough*s as *cough* a form of *cough**cough* so*cough*cial con*cough*trol..."

Geography: "When *cough* spe*cough*cific hum*cough*id*cough*it*cough*y is e*cough*qual to *cough* wa*cough*ter ca*coughah-choocough*paci*cough*ty, *snnnnnnnkkk* *cough* it's *cough* known *cough* as *cough**cough* *coughcoughcoughah-choocough* the dew *cough* point..."

Archaeology: "The *cough* Deetz gra*coughah-choo*vest*snnnnkkk*one stu*cough*dy found a *cough* patt*cough*ern in New *cough* Engl*cough**cough*and repre*cough*senting *cough* *ah-choo ah-choo choo ahhhhh-chsnkkk* the de*cough*velo*cough*pment *cough* of *snkkkk* reli*cough**cough*giou*cough*s tradi*coughchoo*tion*cough*s..."

The scary thing is that I haven't been sick since January of 2004 (and I blogged it, as pathetic as that sounds). I have no idea how I pulled that off.

Posted by CD on February 15, 2005 10:58 AM
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