April 28, 2005

South Park CD

Ah, procrastination. What would I ever do without you?

...Oh, right. That "work" thing.

Anyway, I couldn't pass up this meme. I'm technically not a "South Park Republican," but these little character generator thingies are fun. You can make one of your own here, or check out the blogger gallery here.

Here's my brilliant creation, complete with ClueBat:


This actually looks disturbingly like me.

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April 26, 2005

Have I Mentioned That This Semester Is Completely Useless?

You're all probably aware that I want to make films. It's why I came to Syracuse. And yet, for some reason, I'm sitting here researching the ad revenues of cable, magazines, radio, and newspapers. The required TRF class I'm taking this semester has almost nothing to do with anything I'm interested in. We covered the film business for one day.


And now I'm trying to do my part to contribute to a gigantic group report/presentation that has absolutely nothing to do with film.



The major is called "Television, Radio, and Film." It is not "Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Management, Advertising, and Maybe Some Film If You're Really Lucky."

I just keep thinking about how ironic it is that I'll be paying for this semester someday. Sure, my parents are paying now, but I'll have loans to deal with in a few years. I'll probably have to use the money from my filmmaking career.

Anyone else see the problem?

I will have to pay for this bullshit class eventually, but the money I pay with will not be earned as a result of taking the class, since most of the material is related to the TV and radio business, not film writing or production. So basically, my parents and I are paying for me to be pissed off for a semester. It's a complete waste of thousands of dollars.

...That sounded more coherent in my head than it looks...Oh, well.

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Feel the Compassion!

I have to research media trends for most of the day, but before I get to work, I'll leave you with some entertainment from our old friends at Democratic Underground.

Background: Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Definitely a bad thing, right? Well, click the extended entry to see what DU has to say...

(Usual disclaimer: I'm mocking DU specifically, not the left in general. Thank you.)

Cancer isn't a good thing, but it's her problem. I fell no obligation to pray for people who make the world worse.
Lucifer has cancer...please include him in your prayers. David Duke has cancer please pray for him
I can't pray for her either. She has to muster what few shreds of her life are not based on lies and evil and fight this on her own.
She's another Ann Coulter David Brock wrote much about Ingrahm in "Blinded by the Right." She is part of everything evil in the GOP since the revolution in the late 80s.

Fuck Laura Ingrahm. Fuck her.

I will save my compassion for those who truly try and bring good into the world and I will support social darwinism and justice for those that promote those same principles on others less fortunate, like Laura Ingraham has promoted on her show, promoting misinformation, demonization and exclusion of those who do not support the misguided and dishonest policies of this administration.

These individuals promote hate and/or bring harm to others by their dishonesty and harmful actions and words. Yet they want mercy when something happens to them. My compassion and/or mercy will be saved for those who deserve it.

...when a person has that much hatred, it often manifests itself in physical ailments. For example, my first wife had so much hatred against me and resentment against society in general for the way she was treated for being a lesbian, she died of heart and kidney failure at age 46.
I hope she gets better, but I hope her career is ruined by this... She is scum.
I Hope She Goes Into Remission and fucking chokes to death.

DU: Wishing death on people who disagree.

Way to go, you ignorant fucktards.

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Bias Watch III

It's been a fun couple of weeks in history. In the last few lectures, we've covered 1980 to 1993. Good times.

Check out a few "facts" my professor has decided to enlighten us with:

- People voted for Ronald Reagan because he sounded good, not because they agreed with him.
- Reagan's economic policies were responsible for the recession in the early 80s.
- Iran-Contra was the most important event of Reagan's presidency, while his role in winning the Cold War is worth two Powerpoint slides at the end of class.
- The "Willie Horton" ad in the 1988 presidential election was racist, and Dukakis had nothing to do with the policies it was criticizing.
- The ad mentioned above demonstrated "some of the tactics used by Fox News."
- "Liberal" became an insult during the '88 election.
- George H.W. Bush didn't know about supermarket scanners.
- Bill Clinton exaggerated an answer in the 1992 town hall debate, but it was okay because he "meant well."

Incidentally, the professor revealed today that she's a card-carrying member of the ACLU. Ain't academia grand?

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Yet Another Music Post

I've got a couple new songs based on guitar parts written by the other half of the "band." Check 'em out in the extended entry if you want. Both of 'em are political, but the first one is much more literal. You'll see.

...Just read them, dang it.

Fake and Inaccurate
There you go again, trying to pretend
That you own the truth and we all agree with you
But everything you say, every single day
Pushes your agenda, it's all you ever do
You never understood why anybody would
Want to hear someone else's point of view
And now you try to hide from the other side
Covering it up and disguising it all as the news


When you don't have a lead, make up what you need
If you had your say, it's what would've happened anyway
Predetermined course, now you have to force
Everyone to think that you haven't led them astray
And when we ask you why, you always deny
That your own opinions have been on display
But we can see the light, and we have the right
To think for ourselves, and it's time for you to pay


Fake and inaccurate
You just manufacture it
But we know the facts, and it's
Our job to take them back from you
You think you control us all
Your pride will be your downfall
We're standing outside the wall
And soon we will come crashing through

Insane Inside
You thought that you were lost
Now you've been found, but at what cost
They left no room for doubt
And now there's no way out

Single conscience
No thought process
No more life allowed
Unless somebody watches


You only wanted friends
And now you've reached the end
It's time to follow through
When they tell you what to do

You're one of them now
Drink up and calm down
Don't think for yourself
Or they won't keep you around


You thought you'd found a better place
Now you're just another face
Following those you thought were wise
Marching straight to your demise
Can't look back, can't turn around
Do as you're told, don't make a sound
All this time, the choice was yours
But it's too late, they've locked the doors

Insane inside
You never know what's real and what's in your mind
You had to hide
You covered up your eyes and now you've gone blind
You never tried
To understand the world, now you're following lies
Insane inside
You're living in a dream, and you've run out of time

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April 25, 2005


I'm not going to link to anything specific, because if you haven't heard about this, you can find out easily enough. Anyway...

Last week, Jeff Goldstein and Bill Ardolino interviewed Michele Catalano on The Citizen Journalist Report. Jeff and Bill asked some sarcastic and insulting questions about Michele's atheism, and she flipped out on them. Afterwards, there was a big debate about whether or not it was real. They've since revealed that it was, in fact, planned as a joke, but the right side of the blogosphere is now divided over how to handle it. I just have a couple points to make:

1. I listened to that interview, and...I'm sorry if I'm insulting anyone, but...if you couldn't figure out that it was staged within two minutes of hearing it, then you. are. an. IDIOT.

2. I understand that the whole thing was a joke, but I really don't get what was funny about it. I mean...really. Was it the bleeps? The "Jew" line? The fact that two people who identify themselves as non-religious were making fun of someone for being an atheist? What? It had nothing to do with anything, and it was just completely fucking useless.

In conclusion, I still hate humanity. Thank you very much.

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April 23, 2005

Even More Music Stuff

I got yet another site for my songs. You can check it out here.

Also, if you want a preview of what to expect from the "band," go here and listen to "Insane Inside." The guy I'm going to be working with single-handedly played and produced that (he did the other songs too, but that one sounds most like what we're going to be recording later). Imagine actual drums playing instead of the electronic ones he used, though.

In any case, this is going to be friggin' awesome. Only 16 more days until I go home...

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Random Thought

You know how people who are supposedy "homophobic" are often accused of being closeted homosexuals themselves because they think about gay people so much? Why doesn't somebody apply that standard to atheists who keep talking about the "theocrats" taking over?

"Dude, you think about Christians way too much. I think you really believe in God, man. Why don't you go to church and pray, you crazy fundamentalist?"

...I come up with some very strange things on weekends.

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April 21, 2005

More Music Stuff

Dang it, I'm trying to come up with a name for the "band" I mentioned in the last post, but every time I come up with something good, someone else is already using it.

Can anyone suggest some good names for a right-wing grunge/metal band?

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April 20, 2005

Deep Breaths...

Okay, I realize my last post was a bit melodramatic, but I'm just trying to get through the last 3 weeks of what has been the most painful semester of my college career so far. Bear with me.

Anyway, I wanted to elaborate on something I mentioned a few days ago...

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be able to share some music with real guitars, real drums, and real singers at some point in the next few months.

Thanks to a combination of Facebook and Myspace, I was able to get an online dialogue going with a former high school classmate who shares some of my musical/political ambitions. We're making arrangements to record a few tracks over the summer. He'll provide the guitars, I'll provide the drums, and we're planning to split up the vocals. It should be fun.

I was going to wait and talk about this at the end of the semester, but I needed to post something positive after that "I hate everybody" rant.

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Insert Rant Here

You know, I've done nothing but complain about my life for the past few days, so I'll spare you another long post, but I just have to say something: The entire human race is pissing me off right now. Every time anybody does anything, it makes me hate people more. I have not been this fucking angry since high school. These fucking...things that I live with won't let me have a peaceful moment, my professors aren't even making sense anymore, everyone apparently feels the need to whisper to each other when they sit behind me in class, and I lost two hours of sleep this morning because the fucking trucks in the loading dock kept waking me up every half hour, it's too hot to close the window, and my roommate is sick, so he blows his nose every five seconds. Combine that with the fact that the frat monkeys a couple buildings over were setting off fireworks at 2:30 AM, thus keeping me up even longer...fucking bullshit.

Just fuck off, humanity. Get out of my face and give me some fucking breathing room.

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April 17, 2005

Know What I Have? No Faith In Humanity

I swear people are making a conscious effort to piss me off.

See, I just wasted 50 minutes of my life. I was supposed to meet a couple people in the library at 9:15 to discuss a TRF project, but...I waited until 9:45, and neither one of them showed up.

They. Both. Forgot.

Now, here's the fun part: I was waiting by the back entrance, and during the time I stood there, I watched two...not one, but two people needlessly use the automatic door opener. You know those big blue buttons that say "Push to operate door" and have a picture of a wheelchair on them? Two people with perfectly functional legs still felt the need to use it.

But that's still not the best part.

A couple minutes before I left, a guy in a wheelchair came in. And he opened the door...with his hand.

Let's review...two non-handicapped people used the handicapped door opener, and one guy in a wheelchair opened the door the regular way.

...I keep thinking someone's going to let me in on the inside joke I've been watching for 20 years...but then I remember that humanity really is fucked up to the point of being surreal.


All right, now I think I'm in a parallel universe. I was just down in the laundry room, and after I had waited about 20 minutes for a machine to open up, a girl and a guy came down to get their stuff out of the washers. The girl, upon opening the machine, proceeded to exclaim the following (not verbatim, but close):

"Aaaah! No! I don't believe it! MotherFUCKER! They're soaking wet! That's the second time this has happened to me this semester!"



Since when is it a shock that washing machines make clothing wet?!

...If I go outside tomorrow and see people wearing hats on their feet and shoes on their heads, I probably won't even be surprised.

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April 15, 2005

Hooray for Free Time

Wow...the last month was incredibly stressful. But I made it...and now I have a whole weekend off before I have to start working again. I don't actually have any major projects due for another couple weeks. Woohoo.

Anyway, a few random updates. First and foremost, I'm going to start writing the new script this weekend. This thing is going to be funny. It's tentatively entitled "Bob and Joe Versus the Afterlife." It's going to have ghosts...or at least one.

But I've said too much...

...Have I mentioned that I fucking hate the people on my floor? They're yelling like there's no tomorrow...fucking chimptards. I swear I'm going to make a recording of these wastes of life just so you can hear why I call them The Chimps. They actually sound like fucking chimps. Think of how a chimp sounds. Now imagine having to listen to several of them every. single. mother. fucking. day. of. your. life.


On the music front, there's a big project on the horizon. It involves an actual guitar player and some of the songs I've written. More on that after I go home for the summer.

Speaking of songs, I wrote a new one this week that I thought I would share. Check it out in the extended entry, if you're into that kinda thing.


Ivory Tower

Would it shatter your views if you heard something new
Or is freedom of speech only meant for you
You pretend to tolerate, but then you call dissent hate
You think it's ridiculous just to have a debate


Who cares what's wrong and what's right when you decide you're enlightened
You don't have to defend yourself when everyone's frightened
To step back from the line that you have drawn in your mind
Between rational discourse and despicable crime


Open up, back off
Let someone else talk
You act so sure of yourself
But you've put up a brick wall
You're afraid to be wrong
Force them to play along
But now it's over and you're waiting
For your tower to fall


You're looking down from your ivory tower
Deciding who can speak because you have all the power
Indoctrination, education, what's the difference now
When you tell them what to think before they even know how

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April 14, 2005

Hooray for Higher Education: Second Edition

Ah, class registration. The most craptastic time of the semester...other than finals.

Anyway, I just finished registering for the Fall 2005 semester. Yay for me! Since I know you're all endlessly fascinated with my life, here's a list of the courses I'll be taking in a few months:

ENI 010: Large Bands
Also known as "marching band." Drumming is fun.

PHI 197: Human Nature
Philosophy is fun because you get to argue with people. Also, I'm hoping this class will aid me in my quest to figure out why human beings are so fucking stupid.

PSC 324: Constitutional Law
I mentioned that I'm minoring in Political Science, right? Somehow, I think this course will be more fun if the professor is a crazy "Bush is destroying the Constitution" moonbat.

TRF 345: Critical Perspective: Electronic Media/Film
The infamous 3 hour night class taught by "the most quotable man in pop culture," Robert Thompson. He has a reputation as a pretentious douchebag who gives impossible exams. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this one...

TRF 411: Dramatic Writing for TV & Film
This. Class. Is. Going. To. ROCK. I have to take it at 8 AM, but still...it'll be my first class that focuses entirely on screenwriting. If you don't know why that's good, then you really, really, really need to pay more attention to my posts. Heh.

One interesting thing about next semester is that all my classes, other than marching band and TRF 345, are in the morning. That means that I'm going to have entire afternoons free to do work every day of the week. Of course, I'll probably spend most of that time napping, since I'll have to get up at 7 AM some days. But that's okay too. Know why?

Because I'm getting my own room next year!!!111oneonetwo!!!

That's right, I finally managed to score a single. It's not in the same building I'm in now, so hopefully, The Chimps won't follow me there. Unfortunately, it's also really small (you can check out a diagram here), but the important thing is that I'll have it all to myself. Good times.

...And with that, I just remembered that I still have a 6 page history paper to write. Farewell, loyal readers. And remember: Writing of the new Bob and Joe script commences tomorrow. As if that somehow changes your lives in any way.

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April 13, 2005


I didn't go see Michelle Malkin tonight. I'm sure you're all disappointed, but...I've got class registration tomorrow afternoon, and a 6 page paper due on Friday morning.


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April 12, 2005


now remove my skirt

Um...I think this is the first time I've seen someone try to have cybersex via Google.

what the fuck is wrong with employment people

I don't know. Maybe they don't like profanity.

mr holt's project thingy with a flag

How much do you think you're going to find by using "thingy" in your search, moron?

"why are black people so dumb"

It's actually disturbing how often I get searches like this. I guess there are a lot of racists on the Internets.

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April 11, 2005

Double-Edged Sword of the Day

You know what I like, maybe even more than tours of the campus? I like to get up at 9:45 AM on a Monday, make the 10 minute walk to my 10:35 geography lecture, and see a sign on the door of the auditorium that says "CLASS CANCELLED." Because there's nothing quite like wasting an hour of your life.

On the other hand...hey, no geography today.

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April 10, 2005

You Know the Drill

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April 07, 2005

Music Endorsement

True Parallels by Trust Company is quite possibly the best CD I've ever heard in my life.

Just thought you might like to know.

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April 06, 2005

Academic Update

I'm currently in the process of declaring a minor in Political Science.

Oh, yes, the next two years are going to be fun.

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April 05, 2005

I Still Hate People


So, let me tell you about my day. It's Tuesday, which means that other than a history lecture in the morning, I don't have any classes. I do, however, have an anthropology test tomorrow, so I figured I would use the time to study. Since The Chimps are fond of making the dorm unnecessarily loud, I decided to go down to the library. Sounds like a plan, right? What part of a college campus is quieter than the library?

Anyway, I went to the fourth floor like I did last week. Most people who come to the library to talk stay in the nice open area on the first floor. That's what it's for, after all. But since I have ADD, I pretty much get distracted by anything louder than breathing, and I wanted some peace and quiet so I could read. Everything was going fine for a while, but then some people sat down near me and started talking loudly.

On the fourth floor. Of the library.

Well, it is a pretty big building, so I moved to another table. After a few more minutes, a couple of completely different people sat down behind me and started talking.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

So, I once again moved. After no more than five minutes, I heard more people talking. At that point, I decided to leave. So now I'm back in my room, and I didn't finish all my reading yet.

I fucking hate people so much.

Let's review the situation: I went to the library so I could have a quiet place to study. I went to the fourth floor, which is specifically designated as a quiet area (there's a sign telling people to "respect the need for quiet in the library" or something). However, there were people talking in just about every spot I went to. Never mind the fact that the first fucking floor is where people go to talk. Never mind the fact that there were still plenty of open tables down there. No, these ignorant fucks decided they would go to the fourth floor of the library to have their little group discussions.

Did I miss the legislation that outlawed silence? Fucking inconsiderate bastards.


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Open Letter to Fellow Conservatives

Stop blaming Bill Clinton for this. You can't blame one crappy president for something that's been going on for decades.

Dang it, I hate when people on my side make fools of themselves.

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April 04, 2005


can I still for college even though past the deadline

How exactly do you for college?

(OT: I know I've been doing a lot of filler lately, but by next Friday (April 15), I should have enough free time to start posting regularly again. I'm also planning to start the new Bob and Joe script that weekend. Just bear with me for a few more days. Thanks.)

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Where Are My Minions?

There's some dissent in need of crushing here. Get to it.

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April 02, 2005

I Hate People

Just in case you somehow forgot.

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Totally Random Thought For Today

You know what I need? A fan club.

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April 01, 2005

Fear My Grammatical Skills

English Genius

You scored 100% Beginner, 92% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 82% Expert!

You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

Take The Commonly Confused Words Test.

(Hat tip: Insignificant Thoughts)

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do you think it tickles women when i

This isn't an April Fool's post. I seriously got a visitor using that phrase. I really don't know what to think. However...

I'm going to be in the library for a few hours so I can study without Chimp interference. I expect to see some hilarious comments to this post by the time I get back tonight. Just complete the sentence or something.

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