January 28, 2008

Oh, Hello There, Blog

If you're still reading (which is a pretty amazing accomplishment, really) you may have noticed that I took another hiatus. In fact, I'm technically still taking it. A ridiculous amount of stuff has happened since the last post (including my brother having brain surgery...seriously), but I'm not going to bother going through all of it...yet.

Here's the deal: Bear with me a bit longer while I decide if it's worth continuing the blog or hanging up my keyboard for good. If I haven't posted anything else by April 1, consider me retired from the blogosphere (I may make a final announcement of this decision on the aforementioned date). If I post anything before that, it means I'm back for however long I decide to stick around, and I'll share all the exciting adventures of the past few months with whomever is still out there.

In the meantime, I leave you with this fun fact: I can now say that I was one of the 17,000+ people who had the unfortunate privilege of watching the best hockey player in the world crash into the boards and sprain his ankle live and in person (here's a video of the incident, for those who haven't seen it).

Woo fuckin' hoo. Anyway, feel free to use the comments of this post as an open thread or whatever until I decide whether I'm coming back. Also, yesterday was my 23rd birthday, if anyone cares.

Bye now.

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