February 24, 2008

You can remove the "semi" from this blogs title...

...Because I, Larry the Liberal (admit it, you missed me!) am now in charge!

That's right. CD is kind of busy looking for a job right now (hed alreaady have one if President Dipshit hadn't fucked up the economy), but he said i could take over for him until he has time to post regulary again. I'm just not allowed to delete any of his old entries full of lies and hate. Oh well.

Also, he says he doesn't have time to proofread my posts, so i'm on my own. As if i needed teh hlep. He must think i'm really stupdi.

Anyways, since i'm in charge, let me start by saying that Semi-Intelligent Thoughts officially endorses Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. for president.

Obama is the claer choice to lead this once great and now struggling nation. He believes that we need change. He won't just keep the current status quo going, you see. It's about change. Change, damn it! Do you want things to stay the same? I sure dont! Obama is the candidate who believes in CHANGE! IF we all just hope for change, everything else should work itself out, right? The other candidate's just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk, but OBama will change things! ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE, PEOPLE!


Plus, it's about time we had a black president. Theirs so much racial tenstion in this country because minorities doont have good role models. But if the presidnet looks like them, everything will be okay! People need to identify with there own kind, after all. IT's so simple, I'm amazed even brainwashed conservative idiots haven't figured it out. But theyd probably just nomniate an Uncle Tom that believes all races should be treated exactly the same.

I mean, come on. What is this, the Dark Ages?

Obama will also end the illegal unjustified war for oil in Iraq that was started on false pretenses and diverted resources from the real war on terrorism, i.e. evangelicals who want to bomb abortion clinics. We'll just pull all the troops out, and everything will be like it was before. Again, simple solutions that are obvoius to everone execept wingnut wankers.

The best part of Obamas plan is universal healthcare. Our current system jsut isn't fair. Whose to say that you deserve better treatment just because you have money? WHen OBama is presdient, all our healthcare will be equally bad. By dealing with this, we can also suffer for the sins of our ancestors and atone for the legacy of slavery that still effects every faucet of American life today. I can't wait...to wait...for six months...if I'm lucky.

What a man. What a dream. Vote Obama. Unless your stupid. Then just stay home and listen to Rush Limbaugh and shoot squirrels with a shotgun like I know you stupid people do every day.

By the way, that shotgun...you won't be allowed to have it when Obama is presdient. I know i'll definately feel alot safer then I ever did under the cocksucker in chief we have now.

And how about this recession business? Obama will repeal Chimpyboy's Tax Cuts For The Rich® and raise taxes on everyone so we can all contribute to the Common Good®. Of course, Hillary says she'll do the same thing, but I'm not voting for her, so who cares?

I guess that's it for now. I don't know when CD will be back, but at least this blog will be a bit more logical while hes gone.

If you have any questions, you can send me an email at larrytheliberalsit@gmail.com. And, as CD like's to say, feel free to leave a comment if you like what you see.

Fuck Bush!

- Larry

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