April 29, 2010

This Is A Hockey Post (Alternate Title: Mock the Red)





Bring on the Habs! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

(Thanks to The Pensblog for the pics)


More awesome pics from the Pensblog comments:

Yes, I know this one has nothing to do with the Capitals, but it never gets old.

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April 26, 2010

It Shouldn't Be Possible For Music to Be This Good

I've mentioned several times in the past that my favorite band is a woefully underappreciated alternative metal group called Sevendust. I realize that I have a very limited audience, and that most of that audience probably isn't into this style of music anyway, but their new album, Cold Day Memory, is so ridiculously awesome that I feel it would be wrong not to at least give it a plug here.

Seriously, these guys never fail to impress me. Year after year, and album after album, it's as if they take everything I like in music and combine it into something incredibly familiar, yet still new and surprising. If Sevendust didn't exist, and I was asked to describe my idea of the perfect band, I don't think my description would be too far from what they already are.

Regular readers know that I don't have a generally sunny disposition, but when I listened to CDM for the first time, I literally smiled from beginning to end. No exaggeration. The first three songs alone ("Splinter," "Forever," and "Unraveling") are better than what some bands put out in their entire careers. At one point during the bridge of "Unraveling," I actually got chills. This despite the fact that it's the first single and I had heard it a couple of times already.

If you care to give it a listen, here you go (the high point starts around 2:37):

The DVD that comes with the album is solid as well, if only for the part where the bassist decides that they can't be clearly classified as rock, nu-metal, or anything, but that they're "abso-fuckin'-lutely" a country band (his Southern accent makes this actually seem truthful for a second). Good stuff.

Incidentally, I still think I'll end up liking this one slightly less than their third album, Animosity. That's how good these guys are; an album that gave me the experiences described above isn't even their best work.

Again, I know that my limited readership probably isn't interested in this (although if I've changed your mind, welcome to the 7D family), but hopefully someone will come here from Google or something and discover what more people should know about.

I think I'll stop now before this gets too obsessive. Also, I realized while writing this post that I use way too many adverbs.


Another CDM highlight is "Better Place:"

The riff at 0:29...unfuckingreal.

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April 12, 2010

I've Been Waiting Almost A Year to See This

From TSN's playoff preview for the Penguins/Senators series (emphasis mine):


Regular Season Record: 47-28-7, 101 pts
Head-to-Head Record: 2-2
Last Stanley Cup Win: 2009
Last Stanley Cup Final Appearance: 2009
Last Postseason Appearance: 2009
Players with Stanley Cup Rings: Chris Kunitz (2), Bill Guerin (2), Ruslan Fedotenko (2), Craig Adams (2), Marc Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, Sergei Gonchar, Pascal Dupuis, Alex Goligoski, Matt Cooke, Kris Letang, Brooks Orpik, Tyler Kennedy, Michael Rupp, Mark Eaton, Max Talbot, Eric Godard

It's that magical time of year once again. Go Pens!

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April 09, 2010

You May Be Noticing A Theme Here

Have I mentioned lately that I fucking hate centipedes?

Because I do.

Like, a lot.

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April 07, 2010


My high school has been featured on The Pensblog.

You know, we never made any hockey-themed videos when I took Berrott's class (although we did take a trip to a Pens game that included a tour of a Fox Sports Network production truck). I feel deprived.

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April 06, 2010

Hive Mind

Slightly paraphrased conversation snippet between my roommates just now:

Roommate 1: ...We chanted "no blood for oil" at the protest, because that's pretty much what the war was about.

Roommate 2: Oh yeah, totally.

Have I mentioned that both these guys are in their thirties, and this is what they consider deep political thought?

I love New Jersey/New York.

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Have I Mentioned That I Hate Spring?

So...I just saw the first centipede of the year on the stairs outside my apartment, and then when I got back to my room, I had to kill a silverfish on the wall and some bug/spider thing on the ceiling.


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