January 22, 2007

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Sweet mother of shit, Fox, what's the deal? I believe there's supposed to be a show in between all the ads, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned...

As for the episode, not a whole lot to say. Only one explosion, nobody died, commercial breaks every time it was starting to get good...oh, well. I kind of liked the ultra-awkward "Hey, nephew I haven't seen in years, why don't you SHAKE MY DISGUSTINGLY SCARRED HAND! HAHAHAHA!!!!"

The next couple weeks have potential. I predict that by the end of the season, Jack will be the only surviving Bauer. Seriously. He'll actually go around the world and kill everyone with that name to make sure that he can't be tricked again.

Including Kim.

He'll do it.

He's Jack fucking Bauer.

...Oh, and after he's finished, he'll kill himself. Because if this story with his father being involved with the nuke attack pans out, it will further prove the theory that in the 24 universe, Jack Bauer is the real reason for every terrorist attack. Think about it.

Another prediction I forgot: Sandra Palmer (who is really, really, really irritating) is going to flip out and reveal the FBI scheme, resulting in Walid being beaten and/or killed.

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