February 10, 2007

Weekend Guitar Recording

I seem to no longer be sick, so I might actually blog next week. Until then, here's another song.

Remember Lounge Pirate? I re-recorded it with the Les Paul and sped it up a bit. Check this out:

Lounge Pirate 2

For those who may actually care, production specifics are in the extended entry:

- Clean lead guitar = Roland JC-120 model ("Jazz Clean") with some type of chorus effect, and the Auto Wah effect in the verses.

- Distorted rhythm guitars = 2 tracks of the Bogner Uberschall model ("Bomber Uber") and 2 tracks of the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier model ("Diamond Plate"), all played with the bridge pickup.

- Clean rhythm guitars = Cornford mk50h model ("Connor 50"), with Phaser effect in the bridge before the final chorus.

- Distorted lead guitar = Marshall JCM-2000 model ("Brit J-2000") with Conductor wah effect in the solo and Tube Screamer stompbox throughout the song.

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