February 14, 2007

Snow Day

First of all, as usual, fuck Valentine's Day. I'm celebrating by being single for the 22nd year in a row.

Second, check this out:


It's hard to tell from this terrible cell phone picture, but it's snowing a lot. So much so that classes were cancelled. I don't remember this ever happening before. When the snowiest university in the country cancels classes due to snow, that pretty much tells you that there's a lot of snow.

However, I didn't have class today anyway (I just got up half an hour ago), so I'm hoping this extends to tomorrow so I don't have to do my bullshit history homework and can concentrate on writing my script.

In summary: Snow is awesome, Valentine's Day can suck it.

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

23 and counting, it's only annoying if you think about it.

and that was a lot of fucking snow.


Posted by: tommy at February 18, 2007 06:43 PM
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