March 07, 2007

Finding A Silver Lining

I write a lot about how pathetic my complete lack of a social life is, but having no friends/relationships does come with one huge advantage:


Every time I overhear someone's angry cell phone conversation in the lounge/hallway (which happens a lot, especially around 3 AM on weekends), I take a second to remind myself that I never have to deal with that type of stuff because everyone pretty much ignores me.

This still doesn't eliminate the frustration of isolation on the occasion that I'm actually feeling social or the mental distress caused by the increasing likelihood that I'm going to die alone and unloved, but it's something.

On a related note, every time I work on a post like this, my inner sarcastic asshole screams "HEY, MAYBE PEOPLE WOULD LIKE YOU MORE IF YOU STOPPED WHINING ABOUT HOW LONELY YOU ARE, YOU STUPID FUCKSTICK!"

On the other hand, only one person who has met me in real life reads this, so...fuck you, voice in my head. I'll do what I want. I so lonely that I've resorted to having a conversation with myself on my own blog? Sweet mother of fuck, I need a girlfriend. I think I'm going to create an "Emo" category for these posts...

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