October 10, 2008


Yeah, so I kind of disappeared for a couple weeks there. Basically, I had a bit of a frustration-induced mental breakdown shortly after the Craigslist rage post and had to take some time to cool off. Spending a couple hours a day wading through dozens of postings by spammers and illiterate retards just to find one good apartment listing tends to get to you after a while, especially when the person who posted the good one doesn't even bother to respond to your email.

But I'm better now. I think.

In other news:

Remember how I said that I have more energy than ever before thanks to all the exercise I've been getting, which has actually made it difficult to maintain a sleep schedule? Just in case you thought I was exaggerating, here is a list of times of day that I've gotten out of bed in the past week or so:

- 2:30 AM
- 3:15 AM
- 4:45 AM
- 7:30 AM
- 10:45 AM

Messing with your circadian rhythms is fun!

Speaking of exercise, my weight is now down to 175. That means I've lost 60 pounds in the past 17 months. Unreal. On the other hand, because I'm so damn short, I still have to lose another 15 or 20 before I can consider myself a healthy weight. So close, yet so far...

Also on the topic of exercise, here's a fun fact: I almost stepped on a dead skunk while I was taking my walk tonight. Awesome. Other than that slight unpleasantness, I was reminded that there's no better time to take a walk than an October evening. Cool air, the smell of fallen leaves, Halloween decorations all over the place, a huge deer standing in the front yard and staring at me when I get back to the house...

Actually, that last part wasn't quite as much fun. But you get the idea.

Coming attractions:

I'm going to the Penguins' home opener against the New Jersey Sedatives Devils tomorrow night, so I may have some photos and/or stories to share. My prediction: The Pens will win by a score of 3-2, with Evgeni Malkin scoring two goals (he loves to make Martin Brodeur's life miserable) and Kris Letang scoring the third. I feel that this has at least a bit of credibility, since I predicted that Malkin and Tyler Kennedy would score goals in the first game against Ottawa, and both of them did. I did not, however, predict that Rob Scuderi would score, because...dude, Rob Scuderi?

I apologize to all non-hockey/non-Penguins fans who read the previous paragraph and had no idea who/what I was talking about.

Also, there may be a new NTi soon, but I don't know when. It's not like anyone will recognize the songs anyway, since I'm apparently the only person who listens to any of the bands in my collection, despite the fact that most of them are not only popular, but utterly overexposed.

By the way, if this post seems poorly written (which it is, at least by the impossibly high standards I've set for myself), it's because I have about a million things on my mind right now, and I'm trying to pound out a quick post before I forget most of them.


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