April 10, 2009

Pride In Small Accomplishments

I kind of disappeared for a while there, didn't I? Oops.

Don't despair, for I have not yet given up on blogging. I'm still alive, looking for work, and killing way too many centipedes for comfort (the annoying little bastards are going to ruin both my carpet and my shoes if I keep having to step on them), but I haven't felt like writing too much lately. Hopefully, that will change if and when my life becomes interesting again.

Speaking of life being interesting, you probably remember that I did an internship at an unnamed TV/film production company last summer. In the course of my job search activities, I stumbled upon proof that some of my work actually made it to TV.

I'm still not going to directly reveal where I interned (although it probably won't be much of a mystery after this), but since I'm not there anymore, I figure it's at least safe to reveal that one of the projects I worked on was a show for the Do-It-Yourself Network called Project Xtreme.

To refresh your memory and let new readers (hey, stop laughing!) in on what I'm talking about, here's an excerpt from a post I wrote on my second day of work:

Basically, my job was to surf the Internet and find interesting tidbits of information on various topics so E can insert them into a TV show the studio is producing. Once again, I can't go into specifics, unfortunately.

Also, I...oh, wait, that was all I did today. Five hours of research. Wooo. I guess it's better than sweeping up the floors.

Since I can go into specifics now, that show was, as you may have guessed, Project Xtreme. Some of the little factoids I spent an entire day Googling actually ended up in the show. If you want to see a few, go here and watch "New York Electric Power" or "Empire State Building." When the little boxes pop up in the corner, most of the facts in them are based on my research (I'm pretty sure some are even in the exact words I used).

I realize you may not have the time, so I screencapped a couple:



Yes, I did, in fact, spend a decent amount of time researching the history of the squeegee. Unpaid and uncredited.

Anyway, I just thought it was kind of cool that something I did was potentially viewed by so many people. I don't know what kind of following this show actually has, but it was on TV, so...yeah. Hooray for effort.

On an unrelated note...


That is all.

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

Did someone mention hockey? Did you know that in addition to Z-Man's 12-year contract, the Wings have now signed Franzen for eleven years? FRANZEN SMASH!! FRANZEN SMASH!! FRANZEN SMAAAAASH!!!!!!!!!

...even though Detroit forgot to play the last ten games of the seaon, and dropped from "about-to-win-their-fourth-straight-President's-Trophy" to "distant-second-in-the-conference". Oh well.

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at April 11, 2009 05:21 PM

I hope you're ready to say goodbye to Hossa if the Wings don't win the Cup.

Posted by: CD at April 11, 2009 07:21 PM
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