April 29, 2009

Spring Is the Worst Season (Even With the NHL Playoffs)

You know, I like this apartment and everything, but I have never lived in a place that had so many fucking centipedes in it. Few things are more unnerving than casually glancing over at the window only to see one of the little bastards scurrying up the drapes, then having to clean up all the legs that fall off when I end its useless life.

Seriously, it's like they're enjoying this or something. Fun story: The other day, I happened to be in the kitchen making dinner at the same time as one of my roommates (yes, I have, in fact, been interacting with other human beings since I got here, as hard as that is to believe). I asked him if he had noticed all the centipedes hanging around lately, and he said no, but within the next minute, one of them ran across the counter and almost made him drop the bowl he was holding.

I know I'm really too old to be this concerned about something so insignificant, but...fuck. It's just really, really unpleasant to share a living space with these things. Also, because I'm nocturnal like they are, I encounter a lot more of them than most people would.

I need a shower...but there's probably a centipede in there already.

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Ortho Home Defense Max. Kills and defends against anything with more than 4 appendages.

Posted by: tommy at May 1, 2009 08:26 PM

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