March 24, 2010



I told myself that I was just going to write one post on the shit sandwich that Washington is forcing down our throats and then disappear again, but I still need to vent. I haven't been this pissed off about any political event for a long, long time. Even the election didn't affect me this much, since I knew as soon as McCain got the nomination that we were doomed to at least four years of President "Shut Up, I Won." But I really, truly believed that there was something special about this country that would prevent such a massive expansion of government from being passed against such obvious opposition.

Again, Massachusetts elected a fucking Republican in response to the situation. Think about that.

I realize that instead of sitting here complaining about the state of the world to the two people who still stop by occasionally, I should be spending all my time looking for a job so I can eventually have both money and a way to influence people's opinions on a wider scale (remember, my goal is to become a film editor, and the editor is ultimately the person who controls how the audience feels).

However, I can't just let this go. I'll admit that I'm not an expert on healthcare, and I won't pretend that I can even begin to argue on some of the specifics. I'm not even perfectly clear on shit like premiums and deductibles, and the first time I went to a doctor and was told what my copay was, I just kind of stared and waited for an explanation.

Even so, there are at least two aspects of this thing that even I can disagree with on pure principle, so bear with me.

First of all, does anyone seriously expect legislation that adds millions of people to the system, limits their choices, and adds mountains of extra paperwork from the necessary bureaucratic bullshit to make healthcare more efficient? Give me a break. Most of the supposed benefits of this thing seem to be based on the assumption that people won't change their behavior after it goes into effect, despite the fact that some doctors will undoubtedly refuse to go along with it and look for work elsewhere. And that's just the beginning.

This affects me on a personal level. Thanks to government regulation that already exists, I have to get a new prescription for my ADD medication every month (no refills on controlled substances), and I have to actually meet with my doctor every three months. The last time I had to do the latter, I was in the waiting room for over an hour before I even got to talk to anyone, and then I had to go back out for another few minutes before the doctor was actually available.

And this is under the current system. If this works the way it does pretty much everywhere else government gets involved, I wouldn't be surprised if it took an entire fucking afternoon or evening.

It's not that inconvenient right now, what with me being unemployed and all, but I dread the thought of having to take more time out of an already busy day on a regular basis just so I can get a single bottle of pills that I've been using responsibly for my entire adult life.

Second (and this is the big one), regardless of how supposedly awesome and transformative this policy turns out to be (news flash for you morons: The Soviet fucking Union was also pretty fucking "transformative"), the fact remains that it FORCES PEOPLE TO BUY HEALTH INSURANCE.


This cannot be denied. No matter what else is in the policy, it still contains the following:


``(a) Requirement To Maintain Minimum Essential Coverage.--An
applicable individual shall for each month beginning after 2013 ensure
that the individual, and any dependent of the individual who is an
applicable individual, is covered under minimum essential coverage for
such month.
``(b) Shared Responsibility Payment.--
``(1) In general.--If an applicable individual fails to meet
the requirement of subsection (a) for 1 or more months during any
calendar year beginning after 2013, then, except as provided in
subsection (d), there is hereby imposed a penalty with respect to
the individual in the amount determined under subsection (c).


Who the fuck do you motherfuckers think you are? Do you see nothing wrong with this at all? Are you still fucking baffled as to why some of us may see you as un-A-fucking-merican? Is it still racist and reactionary to call this socialism?


This is pure, unadulterated motherfucking BULLSHIT. I know you fuckers love being fucking "unprecedented," but using the federal fucking government to compel people to make a fucking purchase, and then dictating the terms of that fucking purchase so they can't even get what they actually want?

I repeat: FUCK. YOU.

What gives you the fucking right to tell people they have to be covered? How the fuck can you usurp people's healthcare decisions and then call it a "victory" for the country you supposedly love so goddamn much?

"Oh, but everyone will have healthcare now! Don't you care about that?"

First of all, you dishonest douchebags, insurance ≠ healthcare. As noted above, giving everyone access to a system that can't handle them only spreads the misery. And that's the best case scenario, since you're too chickenshit to even push for the single-payer plan we all know you have wet dreams about.

But that's not the real problem. The problem is that, even if this does somehow result in every American having health insurance, it will only be because you FUCKING FORCED THEM TO, YOU RETARDS. We could reduce the crime rate to 0% if we threw everyone in prison, but that doesn't mean it's a good fucking idea. If someone would rather pay their own money for treatment, and if a healthcare provider is willing to accept that, who the fuck are you to decide otherwise?

You cocksucking, shitfucking, collectivist cunts, THIS IS NOT AMERICAN.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Stupak (you gullible piece of shit), et al: Go to hell. And while you're there, let ol' Swimmer Kennedy know how his fucking "legacy" is going.

Oh, wait, you won't even be able to do that except through anecdotal evidence, since your plan is so fucking perfect that you've decided to exempt yourselves from it. We wouldn't want our benevolent leaders to rely on the same treatment as the filthy proles, would we? Some animals are more equal than others.

The above paragraph reminds me: Remember when everything Bush did was "Orwellian?" What the fuck do you call this bullshit?

Fuck. Someone convince me that there's hope for this country, because I'm not fucking seeing it.

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

Well, I'm glad you were able to tone it down a bit.

As for hope? Sorry, I got nothing. This is not a crap sandwich, this is a crap Dagwood with feces fries and shit slaw all on the sandwich.

This is why I'm voting against every national incumbent I can this year. Even the ones I like. Show them that when they fail this spectacularly, they ALL fail.

~Brought to you by the committee to elect Inanimate Carbon Rod 2010.~

Posted by: tommy at March 25, 2010 08:45 PM

I actually cast a write-in vote for Inanimate Carbon Rod in '08 for some state position that didn't have a Republican candidate (my vote for president was Thomas Sowell).

Posted by: CD at March 26, 2010 01:25 AM
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