April 29, 2010

This Is A Hockey Post (Alternate Title: Mock the Red)





Bring on the Habs! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

(Thanks to The Pensblog for the pics)


More awesome pics from the Pensblog comments:

Yes, I know this one has nothing to do with the Capitals, but it never gets old.

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

This must be some Eesturn Confruns thing that I don't understand.

Be ready for another extreme closeup of Marion Hossa's face approximately half a second after the Wings put the Hawks out of the playoffs.

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at April 29, 2010 12:45 PM

Ooh, and be ready for extreme disappointment on Sid's face half a second after the end of the SCF.

(CD might actually ban me now, I'm pretty sure this comment violates the terms and conditions of SIT.)

GOOOOOOOO WIIINGS! Franzen smash!!!

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at April 29, 2010 12:48 PM

Hmmm... perhapsibly after the Wings' epic chokage in Game Six at the JLA, I should refrain from excessive smack-talking until after they beat down the Sharks tonight.



Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at April 29, 2010 03:02 PM

I don't think you get just how satisfying it is for Pens fans to see the Crapitals and their Obamaesque sense of entitlement go down in the first round to the team with the lowest point total of any in the playoffs. I added more pictures to the post for emphasis.

Also, banning is unlikely, but you may occasionally find that you've written something like "let's go Pens" or "Sweden sucks," despite having no memory of doing so.

Posted by: CD at April 29, 2010 10:13 PM

I did a double take of the pic of Bettman and Sid the Kid 'cuz my current desktop is the pic of Bettman and Lidstrom. Same exact pose, only you can see Gary's teeth in my pic. Scary.

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at April 30, 2010 12:34 PM

So does this weekend's disaster at the Shark Tank mean you'll start mocking the "other red" now?


I don't even know what I'm supposed to do. Become a Hawks fan, 'cuz I'm back in Chicago and I now hate the Sharks?


hrm. What'll happen to Hossa if the Pens beat the Hawks in the Finals? I'm thinking center-ice hara-kiri.


These Random Hockey Thawts™ have been brought to you by the gotdamn San Jose Sharks.

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at May 10, 2010 09:06 AM

I'm not writing or thinking about hockey until the Pens are through with Haluck and the Cinderellanadiens.

Posted by: CD at May 12, 2010 04:06 AM

Hope that works out for ya. Since I can't get my rubber match and am now a just-for-the-duration Blackhawks fan, I wanna see Hossa vs. Hossa's-former-team. (Again.)

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at May 12, 2010 12:35 PM



...I'll just echo the sentiment of my co-worker Isaac, from Monday morning:

"My condolences on your loss."


I guess this means all our teams are belong to suck. Wanna join me in being a Hawks fan? I figure you couldn't ever root for the Flyers, probably don't like the Broons either, and I will refrain from mentioning the other Eesturn Konfruns team still alive and kicking.

Posted by: The Mulatto Maker at May 13, 2010 09:05 AM

I'm temporarily a Bruins fan simply because they have the fewest players I dislike, and if they win the Cup, it'll mean they went through Philthy and Montreal to do it.

I almost went for the Sharks, but I can't stand Dany Heatley.

Posted by: CD at May 13, 2010 09:34 AM

Okay, now I'll join you in rooting for the Hawks. I'd rather see Hossa win the Cup than Hartnell, Heatley, or Halak.

Posted by: CD at May 15, 2010 12:05 AM
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