May 12, 2010

Let's Pause for a Moment of Immaturity

Here's a fun fact that I don't think I've mentioned before: Every day, before I go to sleep, I like to exercise the wordy parts of my brain by playing a few rounds of anagrams on the Franklin Language Master that I've had since elementary school (mine is so old that it looks nothing like the one in that link, as you'll see in a moment).

Anyway, the idea is that it gives you a word, and then you have to find all the words within that word and enter them at the prompt. It also displays the ones you've already found so you can scroll through and refresh your memory.

That paragraph is pretty much all the background necessary to get a quick laugh out of this picture, which I took during one of yesterday's attempts:


Heh. "Asscock." There was another one yesterday that contained "shit," but the LM doesn't recognize that as a word.

Anyway, back to failing at finding a job. Wooooo.

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