May 20, 2010


Remember when I used to say "college is hard" all the time?

Well, finding a job is even harder.

Like, a lot fucking harder.

In college, at least I had syllabi and lecture schedules to tell me what I was supposed to be doing, and the hard part was making the effort. Now, the hard part is actually figuring out what to do.

You see, finding a job in my chosen field (post-production) is largely dependent on networking. This means that the more people you know and/or get to know, the better chance you'll have of getting work.

As any longtime reader of SIT knows, my people skills aren't what you would consider excellent. In fact, they're barely adequate most of the time. Therefore, networking is basically a form of psychological torture to me. I have talked to a few Syracuse alumni, but it's so hard to establish and maintain contact when all you have to go on is often outdated email addresses that I've barely been able to get any useful info beyond answers to questions I kind of already knew about. Whenever I try for more, everyone either suddenly gets too busy and says to try again later or stops answering entirely.

Fun stuff, right?

I just find it vaguely unjust that in order to have the chance to do something I love, I have to do something I hate. I mean, I don't have to chug a bowl of ranch dressing every time I want to eat a cheeseburger, or watch a soccer game before watching a hockey game. Fucking reality and its scheming.

Speaking of hockey, I guess it's safe to mention now that the interview I had in December was for a paid internship with NHL Productions. Obviously, that didn't work out.

Would've been cool, though...

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