May 25, 2010

Coming Attractions(?)

I guess I might as well stop pretending that I just came out of retirement temporarily to vent about Obamacare. I think that's four times now that I've decided to quit blogging and ended up coming back.

With that said, I thought I'd inform anyone still out there that I have a bit of a political essay brewing in my mind. It's about the weird dictatorship fetish certain liberals seem to have, and an intriguing (to me) Shakespearean connection I made to it recently. It's tentatively entitled "Democrantz and Guildenstatist."

Unfortunately (for you, anyway), I actually managed to get some useful information and potential leads from one of my networking contacts yesterday, so I may be too busy to actually write the thing for a few days. In any case, this post will be here to remind both me and you that I said I would do something.

On another note, go Hawks (that feels so weird to write), and Phuck Philly. Better for Marian Hossa and Ben "Babyfat" Eager to win the Cup than Scott "Fartsmell" Hartnell, Mike "Leadership" Richards, and Dan "Rapestache" Carcillo.


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