November 02, 2010

Have I Mentioned That I Don't Age?

So, I voted today. Go me.

The reason that's related to the post title is that I had a fun exchange when I checked in. While I was getting the form to sign, one of the women at the desk half-jokingly asked if I was old enough to vote, saying I looked like I "could be in high school" or something. The look of utter disbelief she gave me when I said "I'm 25" was quite entertaining.

Incidentally, I cast a vote for Anthony Zanowic even though he had no chance of winning, since I agree with about 98% of his positions, which is incredibly rare. Living in a district where 75% of the population will just vote for anyone with a Hispanic surname and/or a (D) gives you the freedom to vote your conscience, after all.

I'm more excited that Allen West looks poised to take a House seat for Florida. This man will be president someday. Seriously. Read up on him and watch some of his speeches on YouTube if you're not convinced. Dude is a badass with true conservative cred.

I've actually been thinking about a dream team for a future White House. What do you think of my lineup so far?

- President Allen West
- Vice President Paul Ryan
- Attorney General Chris Christie
- Secretary of State John Bolton
- Secretary of the Treasury Thomas Sowell
- Press Secretary Sarah Palin

A man can dream, right?

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Semi-Intelligent Comments

I feel your pain. My brother is 35 and looks about 20 if he's wearing a hat (yay bald spot) and when I shave off my beard, I look like a teenager. With the beard, however, most folks think i'm the older one.

Moral of the story, facial hair saves cardings at the movie theater.


Posted by: tommy at November 21, 2010 11:59 AM
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